20 Ugly Fish | Ugliest Fishes in the World

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This Ugly Fish list contains some of the most horrible looking ones! Let’s have a look at the Ugliest Fishes in the World!

If you know about just 1 Ugly Fish, then you might be in for a surprise! This article covers some of the most Ugliest Fishes in the World!

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Ugliest Fishes in the World

1. Blobfish

Ugly Fish 1

Zoological Name: Psychrolutes marcidus

This ugly fish has a jelly-like structure, a huge snout or nose, small beady eyes, and human-like lips. It won the ugliest fish in the world award in a public poll by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society.

2. Ambon Scorpionfish

Zoological Name: Scorpaenopsis diabolus

The Indian and Pacific Oceans are home to the ugly Ambon Scorpionfish. It has an almost scary appearance because of its flat wide skull and big eyes.

3. Atlantic Wolf Fish

Ugly Fish 3

Zoological Name: Anarhichas lupus

The native Atlantic wolfish, with its peculiar look, inhabits the North Atlantic Ocean. The inclusion of the wolf-fish on the list is due to the lack of order in their teeth arrangement.

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4. Stonefish

Zoological Name: Synanceia verrucosa

In tropical and subtropical waters, particularly near the coast of Australia, these marine animals are listed in the world`s ugliest fishes owing to their unusual physical appearance.

5. Monkfish

Ugly Fish 5

Zoological Name: Lophius piscatorius

Anglerfish called monkfish live in the North Atlantic Ocean from Cape Cod to Greenland. Its long, eel-like body and a huge head give this ugly fish an unappealing appearance.

6. Hagfish

Zoological Name: Eptatretus deani

Although they are nearly blind, they have strong senses of touch and smell. One interesting trait is their ability to feed on dead marine life by piercing deep into their flesh.

7. Whitemargin Stargazer

Ugly Fish 7

Zoological Name: Uranoscopus sulphureus

It has eyes and lips facing upward on the top of its head. Stargazers have earned the title of “the meanest things in existence” due to the fact that they attack predators.

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8. Anglerfish

Zoological Name: Lophiiformes

Anglerfishes are a group of fish withunattractive appearance. One well-known species is Lophius piscatorius, which has a frightening alien-like look.

9. Red Lipped Batfish

Ugly Fish 9

Zoological Name: Ogcocephalus darwini

This ugly fish resembles a bat due to its large head, flat, circular body, and two fins that look like antennae on its forehead.

10. Frog Fish

Zoological Name: Antennariidae

The frogfish, with its colorful and striking look, is often considered one of the world’s ugliest fish. It lives in tropical and subtropical oceans.

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11. Sloane’s Viperfish

Ugly Fish 11

Zoological Name: Chauliodus sloani

These fishes inhabit tropical and temperate waters all over the world. It is a particular species of dragonfish, easily distinguished by its huge, protruding eyes.

12. Gulper Eel

Zoological Name: Eurypharynx pelecanoide

These are versatile creatures living in all oceans. Their mouths that are about a quarter of the length of their bodies, big, and loosely hinged with a long, thin tail.

13. Pufferfish

Ugly Fish 13

Zoological Name: Tetraodontidae

Pufferfish, common in tropical waters worldwide, have a distinctive round, spiky appearance and their remarkable ability to inflate when threatened.

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14. Hairy Frogfish

Zoological Name: Antennarius striatus

Hairy frogfish, common in the Indo-Pacific’s coral reefs, have a lumpy appearance full with hair-like structures. They have the ability to change colors for camouflage.

15. Giant Grenadier

Ugly Fish 15

Zoological Name: Albatrossia pectoralis

Inhabiting the North Pacific Ocean, the giant grenadier boasts an elongated body with large pectoral fins. It features jaws and bioluminescent organs for capturing prey.

16. Ancistrus

Zoological Name: Hypostomus cirrhosus

This ugly fish hails from South America, particularly the Amazon River basin. These small freshwater catfish are common in aquariums for their algae-eating habits.

17. Lampreys

Ugly Fish 17

Zoological Name: Petromyzon marinus

Lampreys are jawless fish inhabiting freshwater and seawater worldwide. It uses its toothed mouth for attaching to other fish, either as parasites or non-parasites.

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18. Ocean Sunfish


Zoological Name: Mola Mola

The ocean sunfish, or Mola mola, is a colossal, fish common in warm oceans worldwide. Its enormous size and peculiar appearance make it a remarkable marine species.

19. Goblin Shark

Ugly Fish 19

Zoological Name: Mitsukurina owstoni

This rare deep-sea shark has long, flat snout and protruding jaws with nail-like teeth. It is common in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

20. Sea Pigs

Zoological Name: Scotoplanes

Sea pigs are unique deep-sea dwellers found on abyssal plains. They have a striking appearance with a plump, pinkish body and tube-like appendages for movement.

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