15 Creative Fish Tank with Plants Ideas

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Make your aquarium look more beautiful by growing greens in it. Here are some spectacular Fish Tank with Plants Ideas you can use!

If you want to add to the look of your aquarium, then you can grow greens in it. Have a look at some really nice looking Fish Tank with Plants Ideas and get inspired!

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Fish Tank with Plants Ideas

1. Java Moss on Malaysian Driftwood

Java moss on Malaysian driftwood inside a small fish tank will add a bright green look to it.

2. Amazon Sword Plant in Tank


Long and slender fronds of Amazon Sword Plant will look beautiful in any fish tank.

3. Java Fern in a Tank

Do you love ferns? You can grow one in your aquarium too!

4. Aanubias Nana Aquarium Plant

This different looking plant will add a wild look to your fish tank along with dark wooden branches.

5. Tropica Aquarium

The handsome looking Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Tropica’ is one of the best fish tank plants you can grow.

6. All Green!

You can also fill the entire fish tank with plants to have a floating looking greens in the water.

7. Sagittaria Subulata Fish Tank

The slim fronds of Sagittaria subulata are great for small and big aquariums.

8. Water Wisteria and Rocks

Water wisteria along with some pebbles and rocks makes for a great looking fish tank.

9. Ceratophyllum Demersum Aquarium Plant

The bright green foliage of Ceratophyllum demersum makes an aquarium stand out!

10. Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily

Yes! You can grow lily inside your aquarium!

11. Orange and Green

Orange fishes with contrasting greens in a fish pot will simply look amazing.

12. A Planted Aquarium

A planted aquarium with mini wooden branches offers a simple yet attractive look.

13. Cardinal Tetra Fish Tank

A cardinal tetra fish tank is the most classy aquarium you can have indoors.

14. A Large Aquarium with Black Fishes

Black and browns fishes will create an awesome looking tank with different plants!

15. Lighted Glass Aquarium


A glass aquarium with lights on top makes for a cool display of plants and fishes.

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