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13 Best Silver Flowers that Look So Beautiful

Want to add nature’s shimmer to your home and garden? Grow one of these 13 Silver Flowers from our curated list today!

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Best Silver Flowers. Delve into their captivating beauty and discover the elegance they bring to any garden.

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Do Silver Flowers Exist?

While numerous plant species showcase stunning silver sheen in the form of leaves or bark, it’s important to note that purely silver flowers do not exist in nature.

One great example of the silver foliage plant in nature is the Dusty Miller (Senecio cineraria), a popular ornamental plant known for its silver-gray foliage. Although its blooms are small and yellow, they are often overshadowed by the plant’s striking silver leaves, which create an overall silver appearance.

On the other hand, some plants do have flowers that exhibit a silver hue or a shimmering effect when mixed with other colors, adding a touch of intrigue to their blooms. While the blooms may not be prominently silver, they are somewhat like that.

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Best Silver Flowers

1. Silver Thistle

Botanical Name: Carlina acaulis

Silver Thistle is a striking perennial plant that adds a touch of unique beauty in the wild. From the center of its leaves emerges a tall, sturdy stem topped with a solitary, spiky, silver flower head. The silver thistle blooms with intricate, thorny petals, creating an alluring texture.

2. Silver Lace Elderberry

Botanical Name: Sambucus nigra

The Silver Lace Elderberry is an exquisite shrub that brings charm to any landscape. It features finely dissected silver-sheen foliage. This shrub is adorned with clusters of fragrant white and silver flowers in late spring and summer, which later transform into dark purple berries.

3. Silver Sage

Botanical Name: Salvia argentea

One exceptional perennial herb that captivates with its silver-gray foliage and stunning form is the Silver Sage. Tall flower stalks rise above its foliage in the blooming season, displaying clusters of silver, white, or pale pink flowers that attract pollinators.

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4. Silver-Edged Horehound

Botanical Name: Marrubium rotundifolium

Silver-Edged Horehound is a beautiful plant that showcases rounded, green leaves with a silver margin, creating a beautiful contrast. In summer, it produces tiny clusters of white flowers with a silver shimmer that adds a delicate touch to the plant’s appearance.

5. Baby’s Breath

Botanical Name: Gypsophila paniculata’ Silver Princess’

Baby’s Breath or Gypsophila paniculata has its variety ‘Silver Princess,’ which is known for its delicate, silver-gray foliage and profusion of small, pure white flowers that give off a silver hue. You can grow it in attractive pots to display it in style.

6. Silver Chrysanthemum

Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum pacificum

The reason why Silver Chrysanthemum is on our list is because of its unique silvery-white edges on the leaves that effortlessly catch the eye. Not only that, it also grows beautiful gold-colored flowers. The plant thrives in well-drained soil and enjoys full sun, making it an ideal addition to gardens and borders.

7. Miss Willmott’s Ghost

Botanical Name: Eryngium giganteum

An enchanting perennial with captivating silver hues, the Miss Willmott’s Ghost plant has sturdy stems and spiky, silver-blue flowers that stand out in any landscape. The plant’s metallic appearance comes from the silver-toned bracts surrounding its flower heads.

8. Silver Ghost

Botanical Name: Eryngium giganteum ‘Silver Ghost’

The Silver Ghost, a striking variation of Eryngium giganteum, captivates with its silver-tinged appearance. This perennial beauty showcases shimmering, ghostly silver-white bracts surrounding its blossoms, perched atop strong, silvery stems. It’s a must-grow if you love silver plants!

9. Silver Dollar Plant

Botanical Name: Lunaria annua

The Silver Dollar Plant, also known as the Honesty plant, owes its name to the captivating silvery seed pods it produces. While its flowers may be delicate and purple, the translucent, silver papery disks that form after blooming truly steal the show.

10. Snow-In-Summer

Botanical Name: Cerastium tomentosum

This plant produces small, white flowers, but its silvery foliage gives it an overall silver appearance.

A delightful perennial, this is one of the most captivating silver flowers, renowned for its snow-white flowers and silvery hue. This hardy and low-growing plant prefers full sun and well-draining soil, adding a touch of elegance to any landscape.

11. Queen Anne’s Lace

Botanical Name: Ammi majus

While not inherently silver, Queen Anne’s Lace flowers can take on a silvery appearance under certain lighting conditions. This delicate, lacy, white flower is famous for its airy and elegant blooms, which may appear silverish in the right light.

12. Silver Torch Cactus

Botanical Name: Cleistocactus strausii

The Silver Torch Cactus is a unique cactus variety that boasts silvery-gray flowers, adding a touch of elegance to desert landscapes and xeriscapes. It easily reaches a height of around 6 to 10 feet, adding to its uniqueness. You can also grow it in a pot.

13. Edelweiss

Botanical Name: Leontopodium alpinum

The Edelweiss, though technically white, has dense, silvery hair covering its flowers, giving them a stunning silvery appearance. This alpine perennial thrives in rocky and mountainous regions, often symbolizing rugged beauty and purity.

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