13 Tropical Evergreen Shrubs of the Verbena Family

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Here are the most beautiful Tropical Evergreen Shrubs of the Verbena Family that you must add to your garden!

Tropical evergreen shrubs of the Verbena family can be a vibrant addition to any garden, offering a blend of lush foliage and vivid flowers.

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Tropical Evergreen Shrubs of the Verbena Family

1. Lemon Verbena

Tropical Evergreen Shrubs of the Verbena Family

Botanical Name: Aloysia citrodora

Lemon Verbena is a deciduous shrub with slender leaves and tiny white or pale yellow flowers. You can use it in teas, culinary dishes, and potpourri.

2. Queen’s Wreath

Botanical Name: Petrea volubilis

The Queen’s Wreath is an evergreen flowering vine that can be a great addition to arbors. You can also train it to climb the walls of balconies and patios.

3. Golden Dewdrop

Tropical Evergreen Shrubs of the Verbena Family 3

Botanical Name: Duranta erecta

It is an evergreen shrub belonging to the Verbena family and grows small white-purple flowers that contrast well with its light green foliage. It’s a great hedge plant.

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4. Turk’s Turban

Botanical Name: Clerodendrum indicum

This tropical evergreen shrub is popular for its glossy dark green leaves and tubular yellow flowers. It can be a great border plant for the garden.

5. Porterweed

Tropical Evergreen Shrubs of the Verbena Family 5

Botanical Name: Stachytarpheta spp.

This plant is best known for its blue or purple flowers, which appear in large numbers on the long spikes. It is surprisingly easy to look after.

6. Moss Verbena

Botanical Name: Glandularia pulchella

Moss Verbena stands out with its clusters of pink-purple flowers, and it’s an apt choice for a sunny garden. Also, if you want to attract pollinators, this must be on your list!

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7. Lantana

Tropical Evergreen Shrubs of the Verbena Family 7

Botanical Name: Lantana camara

Lantana is an ornamental plant that blooms in clusters of tiny flowers that may exhibit different hues! It is also a great choice for pots and hanging baskets.

8. Vitex

Botanical Name: Vitex spp.

Vitex is known for its aromatic leaves and spikes of purple flowers. It stays manageable, growing to a maximum height of 4-7 feet.

9. White Brush

Tropical Evergreen Shrubs of the Verbena Family 9

Botanical Name: Aloysia gratissima

This plant blooms from March to November and produces clusters of white flowers. It is drought-tolerant and also does well in poor soil.

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10. Starburst Bush

Botanical Name: Clerodendrum quadriloculare

The Starburst Bush has become one of the most popular ornamental garden plants thanks to its clusters of star-like white and red flowers.

11. Slender Vervain

Tropical Evergreen Shrubs of the Verbena Family11

Botanical Name: Verbena rigida

Rigid verbena is a low-growing perennial shrub with purple flowers. Thanks to its low-care nature, you can grow it in the borders to attract butterflies.

12. Prickly Chaff Flower

Hofi Moringa Curaçao

Botanical Name: Priva lappulacea

This shrub is characterized by its beautiful clusters of small, tubular flowers that bloom in various colors, including pink, purple, and white.

13. Juniper Berry

Tropical Evergreen Shrubs of the Verbena Family 13

Botanical Name:  Citharexylum caudatum

Depending on the species, you can grow these plants as ground covers, shrubs, or even small trees. Whatever you pick, all are really easy to look after.

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