6 Most Unique & Trendy Snake Plant Varieties

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Are you looking for some low-maintenance succulent houseplants that are unique as well? These 6 Snake Plant Varieties would be the best bet!

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1. Siam Silver

Snake Plant Varieties 01

Botanical Name: Sansevieria zebra ‘Siam Silver’

Siam Silver features lance-shaped pointed leaves with linear silvery gray and light green stripes. Tall spikes of white flowers emerge during the hot summers.

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2. Samurai

Snake Plant Varieties 02

Botanical Name: Sansevieria ehrenbergii ‘Samurai’

The thin copper lining along the curved, tightly-packed emerald green leaves catches the limelight, while the criss-cross foliage growth makes it to the list of rarest snake plant varieties.

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3. Blue Kew

Snake Plant Varieties 03

Botanical Name: Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Blue Kew’

Sansevieria Blue Kew is noted for its distinctive spiny foliage tips lining along the borders in bronze. The ruffled leaf edges and inward-curled pattern makes this a lovely addition to your abode.

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4. Whale Fin Snake Plant

Snake Plant Varieties 04

Botanical Name: Sansevieria masoniana ‘Whale Fin’

This plant, as the name suggests, has a single large leaf that resembles the shape of a whale’s fin. Keep 3-4 of these plants together for a dramatic effect!

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5. Sayuri

Snake Plant Varieties 05

Botanical Name: Sansevieria aubrytiana ‘Sayuri’

One of the rarest Sansevieria varieties, Sayuri shows off pretty gray-green blade-like leaves evenly striped in silver and blue, margined in white. The plant thrives in bright direct sunlight.

6. Coppertone

Snake Plant Varieties 06

Botanical Name: Sansevieria kirkii ‘Coppertone’

If you want a snake plant with a copper sheen to it, then this is the one to go for! Do not forget to give it plenty of indirect light for the best growth and color.

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  1. I found your information very interesting on the different rare types of sansevieria plant’s! I was wondering if you know of any companies that would be interested in purchasing sansevieria plant’s? My nrother in law has over 100,000 sansevieria plant’s that he grows in Guatemala that he would like to sell. I have no idea of where to start looking for buyers for these plant. He has: SANSEVERIA TRIFACIATA LAURENTII, SANSEVERIA TRIFACIATA ZEYLANICA, SANSEVERIA TRIFACIATA FUTURA SUPERBA, SANSEVERIA TRIFACIATA MOONSHINE, SANSEVERIA TRIFACIATA FUTURA GREEN, & SANSEVERIA TRIFACIATA BLACK GOLD in different sizes. I would really appreciate any help you would be willing to give,
    Thank you!
    Tammy Swanson


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