18 Best Things to Keep Under Your Pillow

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Here’s a list of Things to Keep Under Your Pillow that can promote good sleep while giving you a peace of mind!

From fragrant herbs promoting deep sleep to small, garden-inspired tokens that soothe the soul, explore how these items can elevate your nighttime routine to a blissful, botanical experience. Keep reading to know about the best Things to Keep Under Your Pillow.

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Best Things to Keep Under Your Pillow

You can keep these items under, near, or on the side of your pillow.

1. Keep a Notebook and Pen Combo

Keep a Notebook and Pen Combo

Find yourself waking up with ideas or remembering things you need to do? Having a notebook and pen handy can be very useful.

2. Go with a Lavender Sachet

Go with a Lavender Sachet under pillow

Lavender is known for its calming properties and can aid in better sleep. Keep a small sachet of dried lavender under the pillow for a more relaxing sleep.

3. Place a Sleep Tracker or Smartwatch

You can place a smartwatch or sleep tracker and monitor your health metrics like heart rate and sleep quality.

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4. Switch to a Herbal Pillow

Switch to a Herbal Pillow

Herbal pillows filled with a mix of herbs like chamomile, peppermint, or lemon balm can have soothing effects and aid in sleep. You should keep these if you have trouble dozing off.

5. Place an Amethyst or Other Crystals

 Place an Amethyst or Other Crystals Under Your Pillow

Keeping crystals, like amethyst, can help you sleep better and ward off negative energy or nightmares. You can try keeping it under a kid’s pillow if they have nightmares regularly.

6. Keep a Photo or Sentimental Item

A photo of a loved one or a tiny keepsake can provide comfort, especially if you’re dealing with loss or separation. These help immensely if your significant other is out of town.

7. A Small Book or Religious Text

 A Small Book or Religious Text Under Your Pillow

For some, having a religious text or a book of inspirational quotes close by can provide comfort and peace of mind. Give it a try, and the comfort of the almighty will help you sleep like a baby.

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8. Keep Your Earplugs or Eye Mask

Keep Your Earplugs or Eye Mask

If you’re sensitive to sound or light, keeping these items under your pillow ensures they are always within reach when it’s time to sleep.

9. Tuck Away a Dream Diary

 Tuck Away a Dream Diary Under Your Pillow 9

You can keep a small dream diary and record all the dreams. It is intriguing for those interested in dream interpretation.

10. Put Some Essential Oils or Aromatherapy Pads

Put Some Essential Oils or Aromatherapy Pads under your pillow

You can keep a small vial of essential oils under or near the pillow. Certain oils like eucalyptus, tea tree, or rosemary have therapeutic effects and aid in relaxation or respiratory ease.

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11. Hair Locks of Loved Ones

 Hair Locks of Loved Ones Under Your Pillow 11

In some cultures and personal practices, keeping a lock of hair from a loved one is seen as a way to strengthen bonds or feel closer to that person, especially if they are far away or have passed on. You can keep a lock of hair of your child, partner, or a beloved pet.

This practice can enhance feelings of connection and comfort during sleep, perhaps even influencing dreams about your loved one.

12. Keep a Piece of Natural Element

You can keep a pine cone, a smooth riverstone, or a shell under your pillow. People who feel a deep connection to nature might find that having a natural element close by during sleep helps them feel grounded and peaceful.

These natural objects are thought to have specific energies or healing properties. For example, a river stone might symbolize fluidity and calmness, allowing you to achieve smoother emotional or mental states while sleeping.

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13. Place a Bar of Soap Under the Pillow

Place a Bar of Soap Under the Pillow

An old folk remedy suggests that placing a bar of soap under the pillow can alleviate nighttime leg cramps or restless leg syndrome, although no scientific evidence supports this. You can give it a try and see if it works for you.

You can go with a soal with a pleasant scent for relaxation, similar to how certain aromas are used in aromatherapy to promote sleep.

14. Bay Leaves for Protection

Bay Leaves for Protection under pillow

Bay leaves are thought to have protective qualities in many cultures and have the ability to ward off negative energy. Take some bay leaves and scatter them under your pillow. They also have a distinct aroma, which is soothing.

There’s a belief in aromatherapy that certain scents, like that of the bay leaves, can influence dreams and sleep quality.

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15. Keep a Small Lemon

  Keep a Small Lemon Under Your Pillow 15

The scent of lemon is often associated with freshness and cleanliness. In aromatherapy, lemon is considered uplifting and relieves stress. Place a small lemon with a cut in its skin and watch the magic happen.

Some folk traditions use lemons to repel negative energy or induce more positive dreams.

16. Scatter Dried Rose Petals Under the Pillow

Adding dried rose petals under the pillow can introduce a subtle and pleasant fragrance. Surrounded by the smell of these roses, you can fall asleep faster as the petals improve the room’s ambiance.

17. Place a Cooling Gel Pad

 Place a Cooling Gel Pad Under Your Pillow 17

Find yourself switching sides on a pillow throughout the night? Keep a cooling gel pad and get rid of the hassle. Especially beneficial in warmer climates, a cooling gel pad under the pillow can provide a refreshing sensation and keep the pillow cool, improving sleep comfort.

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18. Keep a Bird Feather

Keep a Bird Feather under pillow

In various cultures, a feather is symbolic of spiritual communication. You can pick a small feather from the garden and keep it under the pillow to invite positive spiritual messages in dreams.

You can find out the benefits of different bird feathers and what the colors can do for your dreams and try these out.

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Things to Consider

When choosing things to keep under your pillow, you should take note of the following. 

  • Safety: Ensure that whatever you keep under your pillow does not pose a risk of injury or discomfort.
  • Hygiene: Regularly clean or replace items to maintain hygiene.
  • Sleep Quality: Avoid anything too bulky or hard that might disrupt your sleep comfort.

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Whether it’s the grounding connection to nature through a pine cone or essential oils’ soothing properties, each item has a unique potential to enhance sleep quality.

As you tuck these under-pillow companions close, it’s essential to remember the considerations of safety, ensuring that the items you choose contribute not only to a peaceful night’s rest but also to your well-being. So go ahead; it’s time to try these out!

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