How To Keep Bugs Off Flowers | 5 Simple Ways

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By Daniel Clark

Are those pesky garden pests damaging your flowering plants? Read on! Doing these 5 things will surely keep off bugs from the flowering plants in your garden.

Are you fond of flowers? Is gardening one of your interests? Then, you might have come across the insects who are detrimental to your flowering plants and can spoil your gardening efforts. Apparently, some florists use pesticides to eliminate bugs, but as you know, it contains chemicals which harm the environment and possibly create human health problems. Fortunately, there are some ways to fight back against these problems without damaging the environment or affecting health. Check out the 5 effective ways to ward off the bugs from your adorable flowers!

1. Unhealthy flowers are targeted, keep your flowers healthy

Yeah! As a rule of thumb, bugs always target weak, unhealthy, and stressed plants. The best thing to keep your garden pest free is to keep it healthy. How to check if your garden is healthy? You can ensure this by inspecting the garden regularly, look for pest infections and infestations, changed leaf color or damaged leaves. If some of your plants are infected or unhealthy, take immediate steps to repel or kill pests and to make plants healthy.

2. Make it difficult for crawlers to crawl

Slugs are a big problem in many gardens. The best way to protect flowering plants is to sprinkle some sharp objects around the plants that make it difficult for them to crawl. Like, you can break eggshells and distribute them into the spare space around the plants. You can also use coffee grounds.

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3. Make your own insect repellent

Make your own pest repellent

Natural pesticides are safe and effective. Use them to get rid of pests and insects organically. Natural pesticides work slowly, be patient and use them persistently and regularly for better results. And when you spray them, be sure to spray the underside of leaves because it is pests’ favorite place to hide. Check out some best pesticide recipes.

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4. Attract through greed and trap

Slugs love beer as much as humans do. While it is safe for humans. But, it can be toxic to slugs and many insects. You have to pour some beer into the shallow container. Once insects attracted to the liquid, they will be trapped and won’t be able to come out.

5. Use herbs to repel pests

Use herbs to repel pests

Yes, that aromatic herbs protect your blooms from pests. You can use some highly scented herbs like mint, lemongrass to repel some of the insects away. You can also sprinkle chili powder to deter ants. Also, spraying Turmeric powder can repel ants!

To make your garden full of healthy and smiling flowers, you need to do some efforts. Chemical pesticides are surely the most effective way to kill pests and insects, but it’s a fact– They affect health and nature. Rather than pesticides, you can apply some organic methods!


Daniel is a passionate writer and has worked with many famous websites including leading London florist in the UK. With the above post, he is sharing some expert tips to keep pests away from flowers.

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Are those pesky garden pests damaging your flowering plants? Read on! Doing these 5 things will surely keep off bugs from the flowering plants in your garden.

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