10 Arrowhead Plant Benefits (Reasons to Grow Syngoniums)

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Here are 10 proven Syngonium Plant Benefits that make this a favorite of houseplant lovers, apart from its beautiful appearance!

If you are looking for a houseplant that looks good, is very easy to maintain, and grows in low light, then this is the one. And if this is not enough, these 10 proven Syngonium Plant Benefits will surely tempt you into growing one!

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Syngonium Plant Benefits

1. Excellent Air Purifier



This beautiful plant is not just eye candy but also has the quality to clean the indoor air you breathe! Syngonium can remove VOCs such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and xylene. The plant has also been approved for air purifying by researchers at NASA.

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2. Boosts Humidity and Reduces Dry Air

Syngonium podophyllum has a transpiration rate of 7, making it a wonderful plant to increase humidity indoors. If you have a dry air problem in your room, then several arrowhead plants together will help a lot! It promotes humidity indoors and is also potent in reducing airborne microbes.

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3. A Perfect Feng Shui Plant


The distinct foliage of Syngonium varies from arrow shape to a five-lobed pattern with age, which portrays the five elements of Feng Shui–Earth, Metal, Water, Fire, and Wood, creating an ideal balance of Yin Yang.

It promotes positivity, “chi or energy,” and also cleans the air. Syngonium will also help in lowering stress and anxiety, according to Feng Shui.

While growing indoors, place the plant in front of a sharp corner or angle that cuts Chi.

4. Looks Adorable

The captivating growth pattern starts with heart-shaped leaves that take an arrow shape and, with age, become palmate. It matures into a beautiful climber with attractive and colorful variegated foliage that suits every style of decor!

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5. Easy to Grow

Syngonium Plant Benefits 2

This beautiful houseplant is quite easy to grow and maintain–It does well in the shade and looks amazing year-round. For that reason, we have included this plant in our 10 Easy-Peasy Houseplants list!

6. A Great CO2 Absorbing Plant

In a study executed at the Universiti Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia, they observed that the plant successfully brought down the CO2 levels from 433 ppm to 333 ppm, indicating that the plant absorbed 23.10 percent CO2 in total in a closed test room.

The Syngonium plant used in the experiment was 9 months old and in healthy condition. To note the reading, they waited for 7 hours. 

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7. Best Plant to Grow in Water

Like other indoor vines and climbers, Syngonium can be easily grown in water. Just fill the vase with fresh water twice a week, and it will keep thriving. The arrow-shaped green foliage and soft stems look gorgeous in decorative vases and transparent jars.

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8. An Ideal Houseplant

Syngonium is a superb indoor plant and looks stunning with its matte, textured, and patterned leaves. Making it an excellent option to decorate bedrooms, living rooms, windowsills, tabletops, and corridors in decorative pots.

This gorgeous houseplant prefers bright light but also thrives well in a semi-shaded area. It can also survive in indoor low-light conditions for a long period.

9. Best Climbing Plant

Syngonium Plant Benefits 3

People generally opt for philodendrons and pothos while looking for great climbers indoors, not realizing that Syngonium looks equally wonderful and comes with advantages like low maintenance, air purification, and an absolute good looker!

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10. Versatility

You can grow this plant in a range of styles! Use miniature variety for growing on tabletop gardening, dish gardens, bottle gardens, and open and closed terrariums.

Regular varieties can be grown outdoors as a ground cover in the shade to train them to climb on pole or small trees.

Miniature and medium-sized Syngonium looks great in a vertical garden, green and bio walls. You can also grow arrowhead vine hydroponically.

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