Simon Goodfellow

Simon Goodfellow is a distinguished plant enthusiast whose life has been a vibrant journey through different continents, all revolving around his profound love for plants. Born in Zambia, raised in South Africa, and now flourishing in the UK, Simon’s unique experiences have shaped him into a Master Gardener with a global perspective.


  • Renowned Master Gardener living in the UK.
  • Highly active and influential in numerous Facebook gardening groups.
  • Recognized for his versatile knowledge across a variety of plant types.
  • Featured in prestigious publications and media, including the BBC.


Simon Goodfellow’s journey in the world of plants began in the rich landscapes of Zambia and South Africa, where his passion for horticulture took root. In the UK, he has cultivated an exquisite garden, a testament to his expertise and dedication to plant life. As a Master Gardener, Simon’s extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with various plant types have made him a respected voice in the gardening community.

A Word From Simon

“Plants are my life, my life is plants! Each leaf, petal, and root tells a story, and I’m here to share these stories with the world.”


Graduated from Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in 1988.
Attended Cape Town High School, completing his studies in 1983.


  • Knowledge of all types of plants
  • Worked with many nurseries
  • Head gardener
  • Copyediting