10 Crazy Snake Plant in Wine Glasses and Bottles Ideas

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Snake Plant in Wine Glasses look quite adorable and this way, you can keep them as centrepieces on a table, or display them on shelves!

The best thing about snake plants is the fact that they are so versatile, you can grow them in any which way you want! Be it a wine glass in shade, or a bottle in light—they will thrive in them all!

Snake Plant in Wine Glasses

1. A Single Snake Plant Leaf in a Slender Bottle of Wine!

Snake Plant in Wine Glasses

2. How About Wrapping the Top of a Wine Bottle with Jute String, and Putting a Snake Plant Leaf in It?

Snake Plant in Wine bottle

3. Snake Plant Rooting Inside a Green Wine Bottle

Snake Plant in Wine bottle outdoor

4. A Wine Bottle Companion with a Designer Sticker

Snake Plant in Wine Glasses

5. Patterned Beauty Inside a Large Wine/Beer Glass

Snake Plant in Wine glasses indoor

6. Tall, Green, and Handsome!

Snake Plant in glass

7. A Stubby Snake Plant Inside a Tall Wine Glass! Combos Don’t Get Better than This!

Snake Plant in Wine Glasses 89

8. A Tale of Two ‘Minis!’

Snake Plant in Wine Glasses outdoor 6

9.  Growing in Style Inside a Jar of Wine!

Amazing Snake Plant in glass jar

10. A Fantastic Style Statement for the Shelf!

Snake Plant in glass 67

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