29 Smart Miniaturized Indoor Garden Projects With Succulents & Plants

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Do you want a little green space in your room? Here are some Smart Miniaturized Indoor Garden Projects That You Would Surely Love!

You can enjoy the beauty of nature in a tiny space taking ideas from these Smart Miniaturized Indoor Garden Projects that you would surely love!

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Smart Miniaturized Indoor Garden Projects

1. DIY Pallet Living Wall

Smart Miniaturized Indoor Garden Projects

A shipping pallet, nails, and some plants, along with a few other supplies, are all you need for this one!

2. Industrial Tiered Tabletop Succulent Garden

You can easily make this space-saving succulent garden using Galvanized vent caps. Details are here.

3. A Simple Cacti Garden

Smart Miniaturized Indoor Garden Projects 2

Growing cacti in a wide, shallow vase is a brilliant idea to make a mini garden for tabletops!

4. Indoor Herb Planter

Spray paint a little wooden planter box and grow your favorite herbs in it. Details are here.

5. Indoor Fairy Garden

Smart Miniaturized Indoor Garden Projects 3

Using a short/wide pot, grow different mini plants with a little birdhouse or structure and keep it in a kid’s room. Click here for details.

6. Stylish Indoor Mini Garden

All you need is a container, potting mix, succulents, and cacti, along with accessories such as fairy houses or mini sculptures for this DIY.

7. Miniature Garden in a Shallow Pot

Smart Miniaturized Indoor Garden Projects 4

Add mini succulents along with a miniature house in a shallow pot to make a cute garden.

8. Miniature Fairy Garden Project For Kids

Keep your kids busy with this project where they can make this beautiful fairy garden using few supplies.

Have a look at the awesome DIY miniature fairy garden ideas here

9. Teacup Fairy Garden

Smart Miniaturized Indoor Garden Projects 4

Grow colorful succulents in a teacup for a cute garden for tabletops.

10. Gold Mini Greenhouse

You can put mini plants on display inside a gold IKEA greenhouse!

11. Miniature Terrarium Fairy Garden

Smart Miniaturized Indoor Garden Projects 5

Grow succulents inside a large round glass fishbowl with fairy miniature ornaments. Click here for details.

12. Succulents in a Wooden Letter M!

Click here to find an awesome way to grow succulents in style!

13. Indoor Succulent Dish Garden

Smart Miniaturized Indoor Garden Projects 6

Using a container that’s at least 3 inches deep, you can grow different succulents to create a mini garden. Details are here.

14. Greenhouse Terrarium Using Picture Frames

Take lightweight picture frames and glue them together to form a cabinet to display succulents in pots. Click here for details.

15. Cute Herb Garden

Smart Miniaturized Indoor Garden Projects 7

Make a cute herb garden using small plastic containers and wrapping them with strings or yarn. Details are here.

16. Indoor Fairy Garden in a Wooden Box

This indoor fairy garden can be used as a great center table display in a living room.

17. Hanging Kitchen Herb Garden

Smart Miniaturized Indoor Garden Projects 8

Use a small wooden box and hang it on a kitchen wall that receives bright sunlight to grow your favorite herbs vertically!

18. Succulent Garden in a Metal Stand

The individual sections of this vertical metal stand offer plenty of space to grow different succulents, creating a fabulous corner garden.

19. Wine Glass Terrarium

Smart Miniaturized Indoor Garden Projects 9

Use fake or real plants inside a wine glass to make a mini terrarium and keep it on tabletops.

Check out more wine glass ideas here

20. Plants Inside a Lighted Glass Bowl


Grow real or faux plants inside a lighted glass bowl for a spectacular display.

21. Moss In a Glass Bowl

Smart Miniaturized Indoor Garden Projects 10

Grow moss with miniature creatures in a large glass bowl to create an awesome centerpiece.

22. Mini Wood and Glass Greenhouse

This wood and glass greenhouse can be used to display pots in style at the corner of a room on a cabinet or a table.

23. White Terrarium

Jute and black pots inside a white terrarium is great for coffee tables or cabinets.

24. Indoor Mini Zen Garden

Let the positive vibes flow in your room by making a zen garden in a large black bowl.

25. Mini Vertical Garden

A 3 tier floor caddy is perfect for making a vertical garden in the corner of any room.

26. A Mini Green Glass Bowl!


A beautiful garden inside a glass bowl with small monstera and other plants looks super cute.

27. Personal Mini Garden


How about showing off potted colorful plants inside a wooden glass box!

28. A Green Glass!


Showcase colorful faux plant inside a green glass complete with miniatures, sand, and pebbles.

29. Hanging Tiered Wooden Shelf

This wooden shelf is great for displaying plants in tight spaces. It is great for growing herbs, succulents, and cacti.

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