How to Take Care of Roses in a Vase

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If you want to keep your favorite flower fresh and beautiful for a long time to come then here’s a detailed guide on How to Take Care of Roses in a Vase.

How to Take Care of Roses in a Vase
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Want to savor the beauty of fresh bouquets or cut flowers for a long time to come? One of the most common gifts is beautiful roses and our guide on How to Take Care of Roses in a Vase will help you enjoy them for a long time.

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How to Take Care of Roses in a Vase

1. Cut at an Angle


Before putting roses in a vase, make a 45-degree angle cut at the bottom of the stem. Doing so prevents it from getting soft and allows it to absorb more water. Practice this every three days and you will see the roses last longer.

2. Take out the Extras

Before you place roses in a vase, remove any leaves at the base of the stem. Submerged leaves can rot over time, inviting bacterial formation, that will hamper the stem’s ability to absorb water.

3. Water Has to be Right

How to Take Care of Roses in a Vase 2

Professional florists maintain that using lukewarm water for roses is the way to go. This is because the molecules in warm water move faster than cold molecules and can be absorbed by the flower with no effort.

If the flowers are limping over, then it’s a sign that they are not absorbing the water well. Change the water every two days. Also, clean the vase with warm water.

4. Use Plant Food


Adding flower food to the water will ensure that the blooms stay fresh for longer. You can buy it from the market, or make your own by mixing two ounces of mouthwash in a gallon of water. Add 6-8 spoons of lemon-lime soda and use this solution as water in a vase for flowers.

5. Find the Best Spot

How to Take Care of Roses in a Vase 3
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Place the vase in a cool, shaded area that receives indirect sunlight. The colder the temperature is, the longer the roses will be preserved.

It is also important to keep the flowers away from a large bowl of fruits or vegetables. This is an essential step as fruits and veggies give off ethylene gas, and this contributes to wilting.

6. Remove Dead Flowers

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If you have placed a lot of flowers in a vase, then make sure to remove any wilting leaves or buds. As soon as you notice a flower dying, remove it from the cluster. This will prevent the petals or leaves from dropping into the water and rot, which could reduce the flower’s life.

7. Save The Wilt

If your roses start to wilt, then it’s an indication that the stem is not able to absorb the water. Re-do point number 1, and then re-cut the stem at an angle so it absorbs enough water. This will also open their vascular system, letting the water rise through the stem.

Some Quick Hacks

  • Adding a teaspoon of sugar along with a few drops of vodka in the water will help to keep the bacterial growth at bay, helping the flowers to last longer.
  • Putting a crushed aspirin in the water also helps the flower to stay fresh.
  • Adding 3-5 drops of bleach and 1 teaspoon of sugar to a liter of water eliminates the growth of bacteria and keeps the water fresh, resulting in longer life of the blooms.

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