6 Easy Low Care Indoor Plants That Anyone Can Grow

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If you’re very new to growing houseplants, give the first try to these 6 Easy Low Care Indoor Plants in your home!

1. Lucky Bamboo

Those who have got this plant know how easy it is to maintain it. Keep the lucky bamboo on your office desk, coffee table or kitchen countertop. It looks cool everywhere.

How to Grow

Place the lucky bamboo plant stems in pretty vessels in a well-ventilated spot, where it can see some bright light. Avoid direct sun and change the water time to time. Some people do it in every one or two weeks, while many don’t change it for months.

2. Pothos

Pothos for sure is the best low maintenance trailing houseplant that thrives without sunlight. It is also one of the best air purifying houseplants, tested in NASA experiment.

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How to Grow

Keep the plant away from the full sun. It doesn’t mind part sun, full shade. The best location is where it can take bright indirect sunlight. Water moderately but don’t worry it can tolerate occasional overwatering and drought.

3. Aloe

Not just aloe vera, there are many other aloe varieties you can grow easily as houseplants. Very simple to very cheeky, aloe plants are adorable. Check out our guide on best aloe species here.

How to Grow

Aloe plants love to grow in the sun. However, they can survive in low light conditions. The best place to keep them is full sun to part sun spot like a windowsill. When growing any of the aloe species, you can forget about watering, water sparingly when the soil is dry.

4. Snake Plant

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue is one of those stubborn low care indoor plants that fight hard to survive against the odds put by those who don’t know how to grow plants. Moreover, it has many health benefits, find a few here.

How to Grow

This drought-resistant succulent will not mind if you’ll put it in shade or full sun. The best position to grow is where it can receive bright indirect sunlight and some morning sun as well.

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5. Spider Plant

Known for its long sword-shaped wiry stems and spider-like plantlets or offshoots that form after the flowers. Spider plant looks best swinging down from hanging baskets. Also, it is not poisonous to cats or dogs.

How to Grow

Growing spider plant is super easy, keep it in a slightly root bound state in a spot that receives bright indirect sunlight. Water it moderately, and it’ll greet you every morning in its pristine state.

6. Peace Lily

The glossy green foliage of peace lily are attractive enough and on top of that those big white bracts surrounding the tiny flowers! It’s an exceptional low care indoor plant that cleanses the air as well.

How to Grow

Peace lily doesn’t mind the low light conditions, although, if possible keep it in bright indirect light otherwise it may not bloom. It prefers slightly moist soil, but avoid overwatering to save it from root rot.


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