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Red Indoor Plants can be an exciting and colorful addition to your indoor plant collection! Explore Houseplants with Red Leaves!

Looking for some new houseplants that have a color to match? Well, you have landed yourself in the right place! If you are someone who loves the color red, then you’re going to love these Red Indoor Plants! Their stunning foliage can be a focal point of your home decor, elevating the look of your interiors!

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Types of Red Indoor Plants

1. Red Aglaonema

Red Indoor Plants
Image Credit: My City Plants

Botanical Name: Aglaonema spp

Height and Spread: 3-4 feet / 1-2 feet

Red aglaonema is one of the easiest houseplants to grow! This beautiful plant is famous for its stunning green-red foliage! Best for living rooms, coffee tables, and bedrooms.

Growing Tips:

It prefers indirect light indoors. Water regularly but don’t allow the soil to become soggy.

2. Poinsettia

Botanical Name: Euphorbia pulcherrima

Height and Spread: 1-2 feet / 1-2 feet

Looking gorgeous in pots, poinsettias are a focal point of Christmas decorations! Its foliage has a bold texture that simply makes it irresistible!

Growing Tips:

It thrives the best in bright light and a temperature range between 65-75 F (18-24 C).

3. Coleus

Red Indoor Plants 2

Botanical Name: Solenostemon

Height and Spread: 1-3 feet / 1-2 feet

Coming in shades of red, magenta, pink, and more, coleus plants can bring colors to your home! It is one of the best red indoor plants you can grow!

Growing Tips:

It performs best in full sun to partial shade. Use well-drained & moist soil to grow.

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4. Angel Wings

Botanical Name: Caladium ‘Red Flash’

Height and Spread: 2-3 feet / 1-2 feet

This caladium variety has large and vibrant, heart-shaped leaves in the olive green shade with red veins and pink spots.

Growing Tips:

Grow it in part to full shade in moist, well-drained soil. Do not allow the plant to dry out completely.

5. Pencil Cactus

Red Indoor Plants 3
Image Source

Botanical Name: Euphorbia tirucalli

Height and Spread: 4-5 feet / 1-2 feet

Though it has green foliage, it changes to a beautiful shade of red if you’re going to keep it in a small pot and provide full sun. It produces red pigment on the foliage to protect from sunburn. Readers must note that pencil cactus sap is toxic!

Growing Tips:

Keep the plant on a dryer side and near a south-facing window.  

6. Flamingo Lily

Botanical Name: Anthurium andraeanum

Height and Spread: 1-2 feet / 1 feet

The bright-colored waxy red bracts of flamingo lily or anthurium create amazing contrast with green foliage. It is also listed in the NASA Clean Air Study for removing harmful air pollutants like; formaldehyde, toluene, ammonia, and xylene.

Growing Tips:

Protect from harsh sun and direct sunlight. 

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7. Red-Edge Dracaena

Red Indoor Plants 4

Botanical Name: Dracaena Marginata ‘Red-Edge’

Height and Spread: 4-5 feet / 2-3 feet

With beautiful edging on its green leaves in a shade of red, which completely takes over the leaves when grown in direct sun! It’s a bold plant that’s also in the list of NASA’s top air cleaning indoor plants!

Growing Tips:

The plant doesn’t mind either full sun or shade.

8. Ti Plant

Botanical Name: Cordyline fruticosa

Height and Spread: 3-5 feet / 2-3 feet

Ti plant offers dark red-burgundy leaves, variegated with red-pink shades. The new growth appears in pink shade. It looks stunning indoors!

Growing Tips:

It has moderate water requirements. Keep away from direct sunlight. 

9. Croton

Red Indoor Plants 5

Botanical Name: Codiaeum variegatum

Height and Spread: 3-5 feet / 2-3 feet

Crotons are famous for providing a bold stance to interiors. It’s varieties like Mammy and Bush on Fire Croton offer a rich display of red hues on the foliage. Learn about more croton varieties here.

Growing Tips:

It does well in indirect sunlight. Do not let the soil dry.

10. Red Veined Nerve Plant

Botanical Name: Fittonia verschaffeltii

Height and Spread: 4-7 inches / 14-20 inches

With dark and pronounced red veins on light, dark green leaves; this houseplant with red leaves looks truly spectacular!

Growing Tips:

Avoid keeping the plant in direct light. The plant prefers slightly acidic soil.

11. Red Star Dracaena

Red Indoor Plants 6

Botanical Name: Cordyline australis ‘Red Star’

Height and Spread: 4-6 feet / 2-3 feet

Red star’s dark red leaves have a sword-like shape that makes it look quite stunning. It grows at a moderate pace, making it apt as an indoor plant.

Growing Tips:

Keep it at a south-facing window for best growth.

12. Polka Dot Plant

Botanical Name: Hypoestes phyllostachya

Height and Spread: 1 feet / 1 feet

This is the plant to grow if you don’t get much sunlight indoors. It does well in shady spots, and the red blotches on leaves add a splash of color to your interiors!

Growing Tips:

Place it in sunlight, once in a while, for richer red shade.

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13. Rex Begonia

Red Indoor Plants 7

Botanical Name: Rex Begonia ‘Red Kiss’

Height and Spread: 1 feet / 1 feet

The foliage of red kiss is magnificent in both the deep red color and size. The leaves have an artistic black outline that enhances its beauty further!

Growing Tips:

The plant prefers well-draining soil. Keep it in partial sunlight to maintain the color.

14. Heuchera

Botanical Name: Heuchera ‘Forever Red’

Height and Spread: 7-8 inches / 10-12 inches

With its burgundy-red ruffled cut leaves, the ‘forever red’ truly lives up to its name! Creamy-white flowers, that open from pink buds look astonishing on contrasting foliage!

Growing Tips:

Keep it near an East facing window and keep the soil moist.

15. Japanese Barberry

Red Indoor Plants 9

Botanical Name: Berberis thunbergii ‘Red Chief’

Height and Spread: 3-4 feet / 2-3 feet

Mostly grown as an outdoor plant, you can experiment and grow this shrub indoors. The reason why it can be a successful houseplant is its tolerance to shade. But to achieve its deep red color you’ll need to position it at a well-lit spot.

Growing Tips:

Grow it near a south-facing window for best appearance.

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