8 Stunning Purple Trailing Plants to Grow Indoors

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Check out these striking Purple Trailing Plants, perfect for adding a splash of color and life to living rooms, kitchens, and offices!

With their vibrant hues and cascading growth, purple trailing plants are the best addition to hanging baskets and vertical gardens. If you’re unsure which one is right for you, browse this article for some amazing varieties.

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Purple Trailing Plants to Grow Indoors

1. Wandering Dude

Purple Trailing Plants 1

Botanical Name – Tradescantia Zebrina

The leaves of Wandering Dude have a striking combination of green, purple, and silver hues. On closer inspection, you will notice fine hairs on the edges of its foliage.

2. Purple Heart

Purple Trailing Plants 2

Botanical Name – Tradescantia pallida

Popular for its velvety-textured, dark purple foliage, the Purple Heart is an excellent ornamental houseplant. In addition to the leaves, it also offers beautiful bright pink blooms.

3. Purple Passion Plant

Purple Trailing Plants 3

Botanical Name – Gynura aurantiaca

The purple passion plant stands out with fuzzy green leaves covered with purple hairs. This climber needs bright, indirect light and protection from the afternoon sun for the best foliage color.

4. Persian Shield

best Purple Trailing Plants 4

Botanical Name – Strobilanthes dyerianus

Its leaves are a mix of purple, silver, and green, with a metallic sheen that’s truly eye-catching. While this specimen mainly grows for its foliage, the blue flowers also look stunning.

5. String of Hearts

Purple Trailing Plants 5

Botanical Name – Ceropegia woodii

Native to Africa and Zimbabwe, string of hearts is treasured for its heart-shaped leaves in shades of green, silver, and deep purple undersides. It blooms with small, purple, lantern-like flowers.

6. Oxalis

amazing Stunning Purple Trailing Plants to Grow Indoors

Botanical Name –Oxalis spp.

Oxalis is famous among gardeners for its triangular, deep purple leaves that fold down at night. This foliar beauty produces five-petaled light lavender or pink flowers in spring and summer.

7. Black Heart Sweet Potato Vine

Stunning Purple Trailing Plants to Grow Indoors

Botanical Name – Ipomoea batatas ‘Black Heart’

Add visual interest to your dull indoor garden with the dark reddish purple to almost black leaves of this sweet potato vine variety. This trailing herbaceous vine can become up to 0.3 m high and 1.8 m wide.

8. Hoya Collina

Stunning Purple Trailing Plants

Botanical Name – Hoya collina

Easy to look after, this beautiful hoya variety has a red-purple hue in the leaves that gets intense as the plant ages. Make sure it gets plenty of sunlight for a deeper color.

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