Are Hosta Shoots Edible? How to Grow Hostas for Eating

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Do you wonder—Are Hosta Shoots Edible? Want to know How to Grow Hostas for Eating? Here’s everything in detail!

“Are Hostas Edible, Especially the Shoots?!”—This is the reaction of most people to this popular ornamental plant that they are used to seeing in homes and gardens. Well, surprisingly, you can use its shoots on your platter and they taste incredible! Let’s have a look at How to Grow Hostas for Eating.

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Are Hosta Shoots Edible?

Are Hosta Shoots Edible

From shoots to flowers, Hostas are entirely edible. The shoots are popular in many Japanese cuisines, including salads, curries, and roasted recipes. What’s more? The large leaves can also be eaten as an alternative to lettuce or spinach!

How to Eat and Cook Hosta Shoots?

 How to Grow Hostas for Eating 1

Hosta shoots taste delicious in salads. You can also cook them with sesame oil and relish with soy sauce.

  • Small Shoots: The little hosta shoots are tender and resemble asparagus. They taste fantastic in salads after sauteeing in olive oil with a pinch of salt and pepper.
  • Large Shoots: Boil large shoots and fry them in a bit of oil. Serve with parmesan cheese for a salty touch.

Eating Hosta Leaves

Apart from shoots, you can also eat its leaves. Cook them as an alternative to spinach or consume them as a regular green vegetable. Harvest young leaves as larger ones are tough and taste bitter.

Eating Hosta Flower Buds

You can add hosta flowers to any cuisine or use them for garnishing salads, stir-fries, soups, or any meal that you want to make tastier.

How to Grow Hostas for Eating?

Are Hosta Shoots Edible 2

To ensure that you get the tastiest part of the hosta. i.e. the shoots, it will be a great idea to have as many plants as possible. Some of the best ways to grow more hosta shoots are listed below:

  1. Divide the plants the moment you see them getting crowded. This will give you a bunch of shoots from multiple plants in no time for harvesting. We have a great article on some fantastic tips for growing the best hostas here.
  2. Another excellent technique you can follow is the “Ross-izing” or the “Ross Method.” As hostas only produce one plant each year, this process will help you make them double in size.
  3. What you have to do, is to cut through the new growth when it sprouts in the spring. Make sure you make a clean “X-Cut” cut just above the basal plate. This tricks the plant into growing new pups from both ends of the cuts.
  4. Doing this makes the plant bushier. If you want to divide the pups, you can separate and plant them in another spot in the garden, or in a different pot.

Hosta shoots are basically tightly coiled up leaves before they get their final form. The more you will divide the plants, the more shoots you will have to eat!

The best varieties to cultivate for delicious tasting shoots are Montana, Fortunei, Longipes, Sieboldii, and Sieboldiana. According to the available space, either grow them in large pots or directly in the shade garden. 

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How to Harvest Hosta for Eating?

 How to Grow Hostas for Eating 2

Start harvesting hosta shoots whenever you spot them. Cut them using a clean knife or shears without causing any damage to the plant.

  • Remember, the shoots taste best when they are tight and young. As the outer leaves begin to open up, they lose tenderness, turn harder, and become bitter.
  • The flowers and the buds are edible too. You can use them in salads after sautéing.
  • Boil the larger leaves for 15 to 20 minutes and then cook them like green veggies. 

Note: Harvest the hosta shoots in the early morning. At this time, its juices are condensed. 

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Some Delicious Hosta Recipes You Should Try Once!

Are Hosta Shoots Edible 5

In Japan, people grow Hostas as an edible crop. However, many newbie gardeners continue to ignore its culinary uses and look at it as an ornamental plant.

In many recipes, you can substitute Hosta for spinach, pak choi, broccoli, or any other Asian greens. Here are the best ones you can try:

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Are Hostas Poisonous to Dogs or Cats?

 How to Grow Hostas for Eating 3

According to ASPCA, hosta leaves can irritate cats and dogs, causing diarrhea and vomiting when eaten. It would be best if you keep your pets and children away from the plant.

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