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23 Beautiful Plants for Cracks and Crevices in Garden

Here are the most beautiful Plants for Cracks and Crevices in Garden to fill the ugly gaps and make them stand out!

Those stubborn cracks and gaps in your garden pathway, walls, or rocky outcrops look really bad, with dirt and muck accumulating in them. What if we told you that these challenging spaces are actually opportunities for a unique garden aesthetic? Prepare to unlock a new dimension in gardening as we reveal the perfect Plants for Cracks and Crevices to turn these so-called ‘problem areas’ into miniature gardens brimming with charm and character!

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Best Plants for Cracks and Crevices in Garden 

1. Dianthus

Plants for Cracks and Crevices 1

Botanical Name: Dianthus spp.

Dianthus flowers emit a spicy scent with cinnamon or clove notes. The leaves of these Plants for Cracks and Crevices are slender and scarcely spread on thick stems.

2. Creeping Thyme

Botanical Name: Thymus serpyllum

This versatile fragrant herb is an excellent choice for cracks, it can tolerate walking on. Make sure before planting that the area is weed free.

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3. Rockroses

Plants for Cracks and Crevices 3

Botanical Name: Cistus

These Plants for Cracks and Crevices display soft green leaves in diverse shapes and fragrant blooms in late spring and early summer.

4. Saxifraga


Botanical Name: Saxifraga ‘Southside Seedling’

The sprays of white blooms with petals marked in a dark red hue. This mounding plant showcases silver-green foliage on branched stems.

5. Rockcress

Plants for Cracks and Crevices 5

Botanical Name: Aubrieta deltoidea

Both purple rock cress and rock wall cress are excellent for cracks. These Plants for Cracks and Crevices prefer full sun but also withstands some shade.

6. Artemisia


Botanical Name: Artemisia schmidtiana

Also known as silver mound wormwood, the delicate leaves keep their shape and color in the hottest months of summer.

7. Candytuft

Plants for Cracks and Crevices 7

Botanical Name: Iberis sempervirens

This European native mostly displays white blooms while some cultivars offer lilac or pink blossoms. Plant it in well-draining alkaline soil.

8. Snow in Summer

Botanical Name: Cerastium tomentosum

It blooms profusely with flowers in a star-shaped silver hue, resembling a pile of snow. It likes full sun but can be grown in partial sunlight.

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9. Creeping Jenny

Plants for Cracks and Crevices 9

Botanical Name: Lysimachia

Also known as moneywort, this evergreen perennial is a hardy plant that grows well in full sun or shade. It needs frequent watering and little organic fertilizer when first planted.

10. Wooly Yarrow

Botanical Name: Achillea tomentosa

This flowering perennial displays clouds of white blooms, choose a sunny and warm location. It does not need fertilizer and only wants water in severe drought.

11. Creeping Phlox

Plants for Cracks and Crevices 11

Botanical Name: Phlox subulata

These Plants for Cracks and Crevices boast colorful five-pointed star-like blooms in lavender, pink, red, blue, or white blooms and needle-like leaves.

12. Sedum

Botanical Name: Sedum

The smallest sedum grows up to 8 cm tall making it a great choice for cracks and crevices. It also does not require extra fertilizer or water.

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13. Ice Plant

Plants for Cracks and Crevices 13

Botanical Name: Delosperma

The daisy-like blooms of this succulent perennial groundcover are cold-hardy. It prefers full sun but can withstand some light shade in the garden.

14. Rock Jasmine


Botanical Name: Androsace sarmentosa ‘Sherriffii’

‘Sherriffii’ displays deep green evergreen rosettes of trailing carpet, and clusters of scented rose-pink blooms.

15. Lady’s Mantle

Plants for Cracks and Crevices 15

Botanical Name: Alchemilla mollis

This low-growing, evergreen perennial blooms in mid-spring with bright yellow blooms, and the lime green foliage look beautiful in early summer.

16. Siskiyou Lewisia


Botanical Name: Lewisia Cotyledon

These Plants for Cracks and Crevices sports masses of blooms over the summer months in purple, pink to orange shades – which will surely make the gaps stand out!

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17. Blue Star Creeper

Plants for Cracks and Crevices 17

Botanical Name: Isotoma fluviatilis

This plant idea is an apt choice for shady areas, as it features star-shaped pale blue blooms in spring and early summer.

18. Dwarf Mondo Grass


Botanical Name: Ophiopogon japonicus

It forms clumps of bright green leaves when grown in cracks or crevices. These Plants for Cracks and Crevices spread slowly so you don’t worry to control it.

19. Corsican Mint

Plants for Cracks and Crevices 19

Botanical Name: Mentha requienii

This beautiful plant displays fragrant green foliage – perfect to fill up the unwanted gaps. Plant it in cracks so the mild aroma of mint spreads when you walk over it.

20. Chamomile

Botanical Name: Chamaemelum Nobile

Chamomile emits a mind-blowing scent when walked on, it blooms in summer and grows up to 50 cm tall. To keep these Plants for Cracks and Crevices in check – trim regularly.

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21 Mind Your Own Business

Plants for Cracks and Crevices 21

Botanical Name: Soleirolia soleirolii

This plant works well in shady areas, purchase a pre-grown plant from a garden center, divide it into small, rooted sections, and push them into gaps.

22. Ajuga

Botanical Name: Ajuga Reptans

This easy-to-care sprawling perennial herb is loved for chocolate, bright green, bronze, or bicolor leaves. In spring, it shows off white, purple, or blue blooms.

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23. Mazus Reptans

Plants for Cracks and Crevices 23

Botanical Name: Mazus reptans

Mazus reptans is a herbaceous plant that offers blue-green leaves and purple-blue blooms. It will surely look amazing in the crevices with its flowers!


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