23 Fantastic DIY Plant Table Ideas

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From minimalistic designs to intricate arrangements, these Plant Table Ideas will help you transform any space into a serene and green haven.

If you’re looking to spruce up your home decor with some natural beauty, then plant tables are an excellent choice. Plant tables offer a stylish way to display your plants and create a relaxing atmosphere in any room. Here is our curated list of the most Fantastic Plant Table Ideas.

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Fantastic Plant Table Ideas

1. Arrange Some Plants in the Center of the Table

 Fantastic Plant Table Ideas

Decorate this repurposed pallet wood table with succulents by arranging them in the center. Here is the DIY to one of the most Fantastic Plant Table Ideas.

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2. Succulents Under the Glass

Create a beautiful succulent garden under the glass patio table for this charming look.

3. Colorful Coffee Table

Make your coffee table a colorful oasis with a variety of succulents by placing them behind the glass. Check it out here.

3. Transform a Chest into a Table Fantastic Plant Table Ideas 4

Try this eye-catching arrangement with potted plants and pebbles. Learn how to make it yourself here.

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4. Succulents and Pebbles Behind the Glass

Make your glass table more beautiful with trailing and colorful succulents; arrange them on a layer of pebbles below the glass top. Here is the DIY to one of the most Fantastic Plant Table Ideas.

5. Spherical Glass Table, Tire, Rope, and Plants Fantastic Plant Table Ideas 5

Recycle an old tire by wrapping it with a rope and setting it under the spherical glass top. Grow pretty succulents in the center and create a terrarium-like look. Learn how to DIY here.

6. Succulent Trail on a Long Table

Try this simple arrangement on a long dining table; just set succulents vertically, and that’s it. Check it out here.

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7. Potted Plants Under the Glass

These potted plants under a square table with a glass top look unique and beautiful. Here is the DIY.

8. A Green Table in the Living Room Fantastic Plant Table Ideas 8

This wooden table with a glass top and pretty succulents in the middle look gorgeous in the living room. It is one of the to one of the most Fantastic Plant Table Ideas.

9. Succulent Galaxy on a Table

Fill the table with numerous tiny succulents with this amazing DIY here.

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10. Dual Purpose Table

This table will serve two purposes; you can keep plants over it and create a fish tank in the bowl below the glass top. Learn the DIY here.

11. Garden Under the Tea Table Fantastic Plant Table Ideas 11

Fill the area under the glass top with plants for this eye-soothing look.

12. Moss Table

This distinct idea can surely grab the attention of the onlooker. It is one of the most Fantastic Plant Table Ideas.

13. A Table Garden

Copy this beautiful idea and enjoy your tea by looking at this serene view.

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14. A Green Piece on Wood Fantastic Plant Table Ideas 14

Here is another of the most Fantastic Plant Table Ideas. Create a glass corner in the table, and fill it will tiny succulents.

15. Succulent Sanctuary under the Table

Make your table prettier with this jungle look.

16. Desert in the Table

Grow cacti inside the glass table for this desert look. It is one of the most Fantastic Plant Table Ideas.

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17. Dine With Greenery Fantastic Plant Table Ideas 17

This green dining table will make your brunch and dinner more pleasurable. Here is the DIY tutorial.

18. Succulent and Moss Between the Table

Copy this unique idea by growing moss and succulents in the middle. Check it out here.

19. A Dash of Green in the Center of the Table Fantastic Plant Table Ideas 19

Take inspiration from this idea and take advantage of narrow middle cracks to grow plants in it. Here is the complete tutorial on one of the most Fantastic Plant Table Ideas.

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20. A Bright Low Table with Plants

Plant cacti and succulents on a low table like in the image.

21. Garden in the Table Fantastic Plant Table Ideas 21

This small coffee table filled with plants looks gorgeous in any style of a home setting.

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22. Make a Succulent Coffee Table

Take inspiration from this video and create a succulent coffee table.

23. Showcase Plants This Way Fantastic Plant Table Ideas 23

Keep plants on the table and under it, as this idea shows. Here is the DIY to one of the most Fantastic Plant Table Ideas.

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