30 Pictures of Houseplants With Vintage Style Décor

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If you love the antique charm and retro interior with a twist of past then take inspiration from these Pictures of Houseplants With Vintage Style Décor.

Retro-themed home decor never goes out of charm and if you also love such timeless arrangement, then check out these exclusive Pictures of Houseplants With Vintage Style Décor.

Have a look at some unique vintage style plant decoration ideas here

Pictures of Houseplants With Vintage Style Décor

1. Cast Iron Plant on a Wooden Floor

2. Boston Tiger Fern in a Retro Planter

3. Kentia Palm in a Royal Themed Room

4. Majesty Palm with a Mirror Reflecting Vintage Paintings

5. Maidenhair Fern in a Rusty Kokedama Planter

6. Classy Rex Begonia

7. Croton in a Jute Planter with Books

8. Philodendron in a Gold Metal Hanging Pot

9. English Ivy on a Retro Dining Table

10. Flowers in an Old Charm Planter

11. Macrame Hanging Planter with a Cross on Wall

12. Swiss Cheese Vine on a Retro Book Shelf

13. Philodendron with Vintage Plates on the Wall

14. Snake Plants in Imperial Deep Maroon Pots

15. Lush Green Plant in a Retro Planter

16. String of Tears in a Retro Green Glass Vase

17. Tall Houseplant with a Vintage Mirror

18. Indoor Plants with an Old Sculpture

19. Begonia with a Vintage Couch

20. Trailing Plant in a Mahogany Planter

21. Calathea in a Vintage Brass Bowl

22. Retro Themed Room with Plants

23. Antique Tea Kettle Wood Planter

24. A Vintage Room with a Potted Plant

25. Succulents in Classy Gold Planters

26. Potted Plants on an Old Wooden Table

27. Macrame Plant Hanger in a 70’s Inspired Room

28. Plants in a Room with Vintage Furniture and Ceiling Fan

29. Small Potted Plants in a Vintage Wooden Stand

30. Vintage Boho Blue Furniture with Plant

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