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14 Oriental Garden Design Ideas

Add the uniqueness of Korean and Japanese elements to your yard with these Oriental Garden Design Ideas using trees and plants.

With these Oriental Garden Design Ideas, you can add the elegance of a Japanese design in your yard along with artificial streams, bridges, and waterfalls.

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Oriental Garden Design Ideas

1. Mini Garden with a Bridge

Oriental Garden Design Ideas

This mini backyard garden with a bridge and stones looks simply adorable.

2. Garden with a Pond

Create a small pond and surround it with stones and plants.

3. A Colorful Yard

Oriental Garden Design Ideas 2

Grow different colored plants and leave a small space in the middle of the garden to sit and relax.

4. A Bamboo Gate

Design a creative looking bamboo garden gate and add two potted plants by its side.

5. Japanese Garden with a Buddha

Oriental Garden Design Ideas 3

A mini pond, a buddha statue, and many different plants make for a relaxing garden.

6. Gravel Decor

Cut plants in circular and other shapes and grow them in a garden with a stone gravel.

7. Step Garden with Flowers

Oriental Garden Design Ideas 4

Make a step garden and use the best of available space by growing colorful flowers.

8. A Flowerful Backyard with Wooden Accents

Create a relaxing space by growing flowers and other colorful plants. Add wooden accents to complete the look.

9. A Spa Garden

Oriental Garden Design Ideas 5

Enjoy the spa in the middle of nature by making it in your own backyard!

10. Minimalistic Oriental Garden


Add table, chairs, a bid water feeder, and two wooden poles to match the look of the gravel garden.

11. Artificial Stream

Oriental Garden Design Ideas 6

If you have a big garden then you can create an artificial stream and make a mini outhouse to enjoy the view.

12. Small and Big Trees with Bamboo Wall

The small and big trees add a mini jungle look to the garden with a complementing bamboo wall.

13. Wooden Bench in a Green Space

Oriental Garden Design Ideas 7

Add a light-colored wooden bench to match the greenery of your garden.

14. Tsubo-Niwa Garden


A mini Japanese garden enclosure with stones, a rock bird feeder, and a wooden gate is a quiet place to meditate.


  1. I’m creating a similar garden in a small space. Any ideas for plants? Something oriental looking and small


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