9 Mushrooms That Start With M

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With so many out there to confuse you, let us clear some air with Mushrooms That Start With M!

So the next time you spot a mushroom growing in the wild, and get confused about whether its name starts with A, C, or D – well, it can be from M!

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Mushrooms That Start With M

1. Morel Mushrooms

Mushrooms That Start With M

Botanical Name: Morchella spp.

First on the list of quirky mushrooms that start with M is this fellow – having a distinctive honeycomb-like appearance and a nutty flavor. These are common in wooded areas.

2. Maitake Mushrooms

mushrooms starting with M 1

Botanical Name: Grifola frondosa

Also popular as sheep’s head, these are quite a common sight across Japan, China, and North America. Look closely at it, and you’ll realize why they are named like that!

3. Meadow Mushrooms

Mushrooms That name M

Botanical Name: Agaricus campestris

This gentle giant is found in grassy areas, and looks just like a common one by the roadside – the only difference is that it is larger! These have a mild, earthy flavor profile.

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4. Mustard Mushrooms

Mushrooms That name M 2

Botanical Name: Agaricus arvensis

Mustard mushrooms have a mild, nutty flavor – do note that it is essential to cook them properly before consuming. These are also found in grassy areas.

5. Macrocybe Mushrooms


Botanical Name: Macrocybe spp.

Macrocybe mushrooms are a genus of large fungi that grow in clusters, mostly on decaying wood. While a few species are edible, proper identification is crucial, as it can cause gastrointestinal distress.

6. Mushroom of the Sun

Mushrooms That named with M 3

Botanical Name: Amanita muscaria

This one is possibly the most colorful of mushrooms that start with M! The iconic fly agaric is highly poisonous with a distinctive red cap dotted with white warts.

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7. Milky Mushrooms

Botanical Name: Lactarius spp.

The milky mushroom is a unique species of fungus that has a latex-like substance, which oozes out when cut or injured. Some species are poisonous, so, beware!

8. Mottled Puffball

mushroom names with M 2

Botanical Name: Calvatia spp.

Mottled puffballs are easily recognizable by their round shape and pattern on the outer surface. Note that some mushrooms may become inedible or even toxic as they age.

9. Marasmius

Botanical Name: Marasmius spp.

The marasium mushroom is a varied group of fungi that includes many different species. Some, like the fairy ring mushroom, are safe to consume, while others can be toxic.

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