9 Fragrant Flowers From South Africa

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These are the most Fragrant Flowers From South Africa that you can grow right in your garden easily!

The rainbow nation has many colorful specimens that carry a delightful scent. Out of those, here are the most Fragrant Flowers From South Africa that you must consider growing!

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Fragrant Flowers From South Africa

1. Honeybush

Fragrant Flowers From South Africa 1

Botanical Name: Cyclopia spp.

The first plant on our list of the most fragrant flowers from South Africa not only looks nice but also has a scent to match! It emits a honey-like aroma that acts like a magnet for bees!

2. Wild Jasmine

South African Fragrant Flowers 1

Botanical Name: Jasminum multipartitum

Well, jasmine is reminiscent of fragrances, and you might have one in your garden, too. The flower has an intense scent with typical floral notes. It can be calming to some and overpowering for others!

What differentiates it from the Poet’s jasmine is the color – this one has hints of yellow, while the latter has pure white flowers.

3. Confetti Bush

Beautiful South African Fragrant Flowers

Botanical Name: Coleonema pulchellum

If you didn’t get it by this name, the plant is also popular as the breath of heaven. The reason why it’s named that way is because its scent resembles cherry brandy, with pronounced notes of honey and subtle tones of sweetness.

4. Wild Rose Geranium

Fragrant Blossoms From South Africa 1

Botanical Name: Pelargonium capitatum

These flowers smell like roses so much that you may confuse them with some of the plant’s variety! Their fragrance has hints of both sweetness and floral notes.

5. White Gardenia

Botanical Name: Gardenia thunbergia

These flowers might look like mini roses at first glance, but they will remind you of typical gardenias – having the signature sweet and extremely subtly citrusy hues. The scent also has hints of typical floral notes.

6. Wild Ginger

Fragrant Flowers From South Africa3

Botanical Name: Siphonochilus aethiopicus

This low-growing plant has fragrant, white or pink flowers that bloom from summer to fall, emitting a spicy, ginger-like scent. It can be easily spotted in shaded woodland areas with moist soil.

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7. African Gardenia

Botanical Name: Mitriostigma axillare

The next on the list is this small tree with a jasmine-like fragrance. If you are someone who likes plants with an intense scent – this must be your pick!

8. Bushman’s Poison

South African Fragrant Flowers

Botanical Name: Acokanthera oppositifolia

Though the berries of this plant are toxic if ingested, it is very well worth growing for its fragrant flowers that have an almond-like scent. The fragrance is sweet and has hints of nuttiness to it.

9. Buchu

Botanical Name: Agathosma martiana

The last on the list of fragrant flowers from South Africa has clusters of white blooms with notes of peppermint and black currant. Its scent gets intensified when the flowers are crushed. A fruity delight this one is!

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