10 Quirky Mushrooms that Look Like a Brain

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Do you know about Mushrooms that Look Like a Brain? Well, you are in for a surprise! Read ahead to know about these quirky plants!

Mushrooms that Look Like a Brain offer a fascinating glimpse into the diverse and often bizarre world of fungi. This unique appearance can be attributed to the intricate and convoluted surfaces that mimic the folds and wrinkles of a human brain.

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Mushrooms that Look Like a Brain

1. False Morels

Mushrooms that Look Like a Brain 1

Botanical Name: Gyromitra spp

These mushrooms have irregularly lobed and wrinkled caps that can resemble a brain. However, these Mushrooms that Look Like a Brain are toxic and should not be consumed.

2. Wrinkled Thimble-Cap

Botanical Name: Verpa bohemica

It is a distinctive fungi that resembles a thimble, varying in color from pale to brown. Found in spring, it’s crucial to differentiate from toxic species.

3. Brain Puffball

Mushrooms that Look Like a Brain 3

Botanical Name: Calvatia Craniiformis

The Brain Puffball is a unique mushroom with a white, brain-like appearance, forming irregular folds and creases on its surface.

4. Jelly Drops

Botanical Name: Ascocoryne Sarcoides

These Mushrooms that Look Like a Brain resemble colorful dewdrops on decaying wood. Found in temperate forests, they emerge after rain, resembling jelly-like blobs

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5.  Stinkhorn

Mushrooms that Look Like a Brain 5

Botanical Name: Phallus impudicus

While not a typical mushroom, the immature stages of the stinkhorn mushroom have a distinctive appearance that can resemble a brain.

6. Leafy Brain


Botanical Name: Phaeotremella Foliacea

Leafy Brain is a gelatinous fungus found on decaying wood in damp forests. Resembling convoluted pink or orange lobes, it forms intricate, brain-like patterns.

7. Snow False Morel Mushrooms that Look Like a Brain 7

Botanical Name: Gyromitra Gigas

These Mushrooms that Look Like a Brain have wrinkles on the head. Despite its appealing appearance, it is toxic and can cause severe illness if consumed.

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8. Carolina False Morel

Big Oak Tree State Park

Botanical Name: Gyromitra caroliniana

Carolina False Morel is a potentially poisonous fungus resembling true morels. Its wrinkled, irregular cap and pale color distinguish it. It contains harmful compounds and is toxic.

9.  Cauliflower Mushroom

Mushrooms that Look Like a Brain 9

Botanical Name: Sparassis crispa

These Mushrooms that Look Like a Brain have parts that hold the spores are like flat, wavy noodles, kind of like lasagna. They’re a white to creamy yellow color.

10.  Brain Morel


Botanical Name: Morchella rufobrunnea

Last on the list, it gets such an appearance due to its convoluted structure. It is edible when cooked but should not be consumed raw or in large quantities.

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