State Tree of Massachusetts and How to Grow It

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The State Tree of Massachusetts is relatively easy to grow, contradictory to what you think! Let’s have a look at all the details.

The State Tree of Massachusetts can live for over 300-400 years and is most famous for its hardiness. Sounds fascinating? Keep on reading to learn How to Grow It!

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State Tree of Massachusetts

  • Massachusetts adopted the American Elm as its state tree in 1941. 
  • It was to commemorate General George Washington’s command of the Continental Army under an American Elm tree in 1775 to start the Battles of Lexington and Concord. 
  • The Tree is native to eastern North America and was introduced in Europe in 1941. 
  • American Elm can usually grow up to 100-120 feet tall and is abundantly found in the eastern range because of its tolerance towards cold and heat.
  • It is also the state tree of North Dakota.
  • This wood helps make hockey sticks, flooring, and furniture.

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Requirements for Growing the State Tree of Massachusetts


Choose a spot with full, bright, and direct sunlight for vigorous growth of the State Tree of Massachusetts. Adequate sunlight for 5-6 hours daily is essential, especially during summer. 

The best range of temperature is 10-21°C or 50-70°F.


The State Tree of Massachusetts loves rich and well-draining soil. It can adapt well to dry and wet locations, but excellent drainage is mandatory. Mix garden soil, river sand, and leaf mold in equal parts to start the plant. 


Depending on the weather and soil conditions, deeply water once every 3-5 days, till the plant reaches a height of about 4-6 feet. After that, it will take care of its watering requirements.  


Use an organic water-soluble fertilizer diluted to half its strength once 30-40 days in spring and summer when the plant is young. Stop feeding in winter. 


It is best to prune the State Tree of Massachusetts in late winter to boost new growth in spring. Remove any dead, damaged, diseased, old tree parts and thin out its branches. 

Pests and Diseases

You should be careful with common pests and diseases such as spider mites, twig blight, and anthracnose while growing the State Tree of Massachusetts.

The biggest threat is the Dutch elm disease, a deadly fungus that spreads by bark beetles. It causes wilting, and dropping of leaves. 

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