15 DIY Boob and Breast Planters

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Make your garden fun with DIY Boob and Breast Planters! Get creative with different shapes and sizes, or go for an elegant option to match your decor. They're amusing and easy.

We’ve got the most fun and amazing DIY Boob and Breast Planters that will bring out a smile on everyone’s faces. Try these now!

A cool and quirky idea is making your own DIY Boob and Breast Planters. It’s a simple and amusing way to add some fun indoors! Scroll for some of the best ones.

9 Plants That Look Like Boobs and Breasts

DIY Boob and Breast Planters

1. DIY Boobie PlanterDIY Boobie Planter

Here’s a quick video that’ll show you how to make incredible boob pots for your plants.

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2. Clay Boob PotClay Boob Pot

All you need is clay, a bit of time, and this DIY tutorial to make boob planters – it’s cheap too.

3. Boob Planter DIY KitBoob Planter DIY Kit

Why not go with this easy DIY boob planter kit? You can easily make 2-3 pots with this.

4. Boob and Penis Pot Combo

Boob and Penis Pot Combo

This quick (and fun) DIY tutorial will show you how you can make a boob and penis pot pair from clay.

5. Cactus in Boob Plant Pot

Boobie Cactus in Breast Planter

Look how amazing this cute little cactus is! You can also make a boobie pot like this with clay and paints. We found the idea here.

Boobie Cactus Care and Growing Guide

6. DIY Boob Pot on Stand

Boob Pot on Stand

Why not place one on a stand near a window? Your plant will love the light, and the pot will shine.

7. Nude Boobie Planter Idea

Nude Boobie Planter

If you’re looking for something elegant and modern to match the décor – you can go with these ones.

8. Boob Shaped Planter

Boob Shaped Planter

For larger plants or trailing ones, you should make the boob pots wider to accumulate the roots.

9. Metallic Planter

Metallic Boob Planter

It might be difficult to make a metallic planter yourself, so you should buy this one. It’s easily available online.

10. Shiny Boob Pot DIY

Shiny Boob Pot

Make sure you paint it in a vibrant color to make your boob planter stands out and catch everyone’s eye.

11. Simple Breast Planter

Simple Breast Planter

The simpler you keep it – the more abstract and natural your planter will look.

12. Mini Pot

Mini boob Pot

You don’t need to go big. A cute little pot with tiny boobs would be just as much fun.

13. Boob Pot Trio

Boob Pot Trio

You should have fun with different shapes and sizes and create a beautiful duo or trio. Throw in some accessories as well.

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14. Wide Planter with Breasts

Wide Planter with Breasts

The wider bottom of the pot will give you more space to sculpt the boobs and define them properly.

15. Boob Pot Cover DIY

Boob Pot Cover

You can transform regular pots into breast planters with a cover. All you need is a mold and silicon.

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