8 Orchids that Smell Like Chocolate

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If you like the scent of cocoa, then you’d definitely want to keep these Orchids that Smell Like Chocolate in your home!

There are several blooms out there with unique fragrances. Some have a hint of citrus, while the others have a distinct note of fruits and then we have some orchids that smell like chocolate!

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Orchids that Smell Like Chocolate

1. Dancing Lady Orchid

Orchids with a Chocolate Scent

Botanical Name: Oncidium ‘Sharry Baby’

Not only does this orchid look stunning (Like a lady in a dancing pose), but it also carries a subtle hint of chocolate with traces of vanilla in its fragrance. It mostly blooms in fall!

2. Redolence

Chocolate-scented orchids

Botanical Name: Oncidium ‘Redolence’

This twin colored flower has a trick up its sleeve – the cocoa like fragrance that may not be as pronounced, but it is definitely there.

3. Wilsonara Orchid

Orchids with a Chocolate Scent

Botanical Name: Wilsonara kolibri

This one has a striking color combination, and people generally grow it for its hues. However, if you’re going to smell it up close, you’ll be greeted with a chocolatey scent!

4. Encyclia Orchid

Orchids with a Chocolate Scent 2

Botanical Name: Encyclia cordigera

This might look similar to the dancing lady orchid, but what makes it different is its elegant white hue and the distinctive fragrance – a mix of cocoa and rose.

5. Monkey Face Orchid

Chocolate-scented orchids 2

Botanical Name: Dracula simia

Well, these blooms may look like monkeys, but they definitely smell divine! If you are a cake lover, this will soothe your senses.

6. Chocolate Doll of Cuba

Chocolate-scented orchids 2

Botanical Name: Encyclia phoenicea

Its name gives away the characteristic it has – a sweet cocoa-like fragrance! The stunning pink hue, with a shade of white in the middle, is an added advantage.

7. Dendrobium Orchid

Botanical Name: Dendrobium bensoniae

Hailing from the northeastern state of India, this rare orchid carries a cake-like scent with subtle notes of chocolate to it.

8. Cycnoches Orchid

Botanical Name: Cycnoches cooperi

Not only it looks like it’s been dipped in melted chocolate, the plant has a fragrance like it, too! A spectacular brown flower you can’t miss!

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