15 Beautiful Lantana as Ground Cover Ideas

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Explore the beauty and versatility of Lantana for adding vibrant colors with these amazing Lantana as Ground Cover Ideas!

Here is wonderful Lantana as Ground Cover Ideas! With its beautiful clusters of colorful flowers and dense foliage, Lantana not only adds a touch of elegance to your landscape but also comes in various colors. Let us explore lantana ground cover ideas that will transform your outdoor space into a picturesque haven.

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Lantana as Ground Cover Ideas

1. Trailing Lantana

Lantana as Ground Cover Ideas 1

Look how beautifully this trailing Lantana spreads, lighting up the front yard and showcasing its excellence.

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2. Purple Lantana

Purple Lantana is a perfect choice if you’re looking for blooms to complement the bright green grass and tropical trees.

3. Bandito Lantana Ground Cover

Lantana as Ground Cover Ideas 3

Searching for Lantana as Ground Cover Ideas to cover up the sidewalk? Go for the colorful cheer of the Lantana Bandito.

4. White Lantana

Need some peaceful white in the garden? White Lantanas as a ground cover is your best bet.

5. Lantana Paired with Stones and Boulders

Lantana as Ground Cover Ideas 5

For a desert landscape that will catch everyone’s eye, you can pair yellow Lantana with a boulder.

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6. Yellow Lantana Entrance

Who wouldn’t love this gold Lantana ground cover entrance, giving the home a touch of grandeur?

7. Lantana Paired with Shrubs

Lantana as Ground Cover Ideas 7

The combination of low-growing shrubs with Lantana ground covers can do no wrong.

8. Lantana in Garden Bed

A metal fence-lined garden bed with rustic colors uplifting the lavender shade of Lantana makes a recipe for an amazing landscape.

9. A Mix and Match Ground Cover

Lantana as Ground Cover Ideas 9

A purple Lantana ground cover is the perfect option when you want to create a flow of foliage in the garden so each element lights up.

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10. Simple Lantana Landscaping

If you have such a garden bed, planting a Lantana ground cover will be a wise choice to turn your home into the envy of the entire neighborhood.

11. Sprucing Up the Space

Lantana as Ground Cover Ideas 11

Want to add a tad of color to the entrance? Plant purple Lantana as a ground cover for the visuals and curb appeal.

12. Pigmy Palms and Lantana

Look how majestic this sweet combination of Pigmy Palms and purple Lantana ground cover is!

13. Lantana Boundary

Another of the best Lantana as Ground Cover Ideas is this pink Lantana planted on the stone wall to create a higher boundary.

14. Lantana on Gravel Bed

Lantanas shine bright and vibrant, especially when planted as a ground cover on a gravel bed. You can also add a decorative clay pot to enhance the beauty.

15. Lantana Gravel Driveway

Lantana as Ground Cover Ideas 15

Gravel driveways with colorful Lantana flower beds look absolutely stunning and are definitely one of the best ideas on this list.

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