24 Iris Arrangement Ideas

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These Iris Arrangement Ideas will surely inspire you to have them in a similar style in your garden!

There are tons of ways you can use Iris flowers in and around your home to add a colorful appeal! Here are the best ideas to get you going!

Iris Arrangement Ideas

1. A Lawn Full of Iris

best iris flower arrangements 1

You don’t need to do much work for a lovely Iris garden. Just plant a bunch of these and let them spread their beauty.

2. Iris in Rock Bed

best iris flower arrangements 2

You can also prepare smaller garden beds and plant Iris flowers in these. Don’t forget to top them off with rocks.

3. Iris Bed Near the Fence

best iris flower arrangements 3

Everyone who passes your home would certainly envy the beauty of this Iris arrangement.

4. Iris Flowers on the Side of Home

best iris flower arrangements 4

Don’t worry if there’s no fence—you can also plant these on the side of your home and let them bloom.

5. Iris Garden Bed

best iris flower arrngements 5

An Iris garden bed like this would certainly look pretty around the porch, so you can admire them while you sip tea.

6. Iris Centerpiece for the Garden

iris arrangements 7

If you’re not looking for a large display but want a garden centerpiece, you can plant them in a wicker basket like this idea.

7. Iris Flowers and Stone Pathway

amazing iris arrangements 1

Nothing can beat the beauty of a stone pathway in the garden, surrounded by Iris flowers.

8. A Backyard With Iris Flowers

amazing iris arrangements 1

You can never go wrong with a backyard full of Iris flowers in a gravel bed. It just looks dreamy.

9. Colorful Irises with Garden Path

amazing iris arrangements 1

Skip the stones and create a pathway lined with different varieties of Iris so you can take a walk through these.

10. Iris Flower Fields

amazing iris arrangements 4

If you’ve got a large backyard or garden, you can plant these in rows for a colorful garden border.

11. Iris Beds and Green Carpet

Iris flower arrangement ideas in garden

There’s nothing better than long flower beds full of Iris flowers and a green carpet if you’re trying to change up a bland backyard.

12. Shrub and Iris Bed

amazing Iris flower arrangement ideas in garden

The beautiful Iris flowers look amazing with the lush, green foliage of shrubs and mini trees.

13. Stone Lined Iris Bed

beautiful Iris flower arrangement ideas in garden

Another great way to create a beautiful Iris arrangement is by lining the pathway with large stones. You can also add fillers like dwarf catmint.

14. Wild Iris Bed

Fantastic Iris flower arrangement ideas in garden

You don’t need to keep these in check or put them in garden beds. Let them grow and spread and they’ll turn into a mini jungle full of flowers.

15. Fence Bed Iris Arrangement

Different Iris flower arrangement ideas in garden

But if you’re someone who wants their garden clean and tidy, a simple Iris garden bed along the fence is a great idea.

16. Iris Patch in the Garden

colourful Iris arrangement ideas in garden

You can also create a large circular bed and turn it into a stunning Iris patch to spruce up your garden.

17. Lining Up the Front Yard

Amazing Iris flower arrangement ideas in garden 3

Irises can easily grow 2-4 feet tall (sometimes even higher), which makes them perfect for creating garden borders.

18. Garden Bed Idea with Hedges

Iris flower arrangement ideas in garden bed

You can create separate garden beds in a larger lawn and fill them up with Irises and boxwoods. Don’t forget a trellis if you’re growing larger varieties.

19. Long Bed Full of Iris

Iris flower arrangement in fencing

You can spruce up the entrance of your home by adding a large Iris bed to run along the walls. Fill it with colorful varieties.

20. Iris Patch Patio Idea

beautiful iris garden ideas

What’s the fun of creating an Iris arrangement if you can’t sit and enjoy it? You should totally copy this one.

21. Drainage Bed for Iris Flowers

beautiful iris in water garden ideas

If you live in an older house, chances are—it has drainage beds or small pools. You can put these to good use for an Iris arrangement.

22. Purple Iris and Creeping Jenny Arrangement

beautiful iris combination garden ideas

The vibrant purple color of the Iris flowers looks gorgeous when paired with lively yellow. Here, it’s with creeping jenny.

23. Iris Deck Arrangement Idea

beautiful iris in deck garden ideas

If you’ve got a patio with a deck, you should add a raised bed and fill it with Iris flowers. It’ll look amazing.

24. Iris Garden Bed Idea

beautiful iris near fencing in garden ideas

A simple Iris garden bed with its tall, spiky leaves and beautiful colors is truly unbeatable in terms of beauty.

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