When Do Irises Bloom | How Long Do Iris Bloom

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When Do Irises Bloom – If you are scratching your head with this question, well, we’ll tell you about these flowers in detail!

When Do Irises Bloom | How Long Do Iris Bloom 1

The flowering time of irises depends on factors like climatic and growing conditions. However, they do have a stipulated blooming period that we’ll discuss below.

Iris Plant Information

Iris belongs to the Iridaceae family and is native to the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere; these flowers are common in meadows, grasslands, and woodlands.

What makes these plants a favorite of everyone is their showy blossoms that come in white, purple, pink, yellow, orange, and almost black hues!

You can find many lovely iris varieties to plant in different places in your home or garden–dwarf ones like Nettled iris that are 4-8 inches tall and also towering ones that grow as tall as 4 feet (Japanese iris). They’ll reward you with gorgeous flowers.

When Do Irises Bloom?

So, here comes the question—when do irises bloom? The straight answer is – anywhere between late spring and early summer. However, this may depend on other factors like location, climate conditions, and type—all these factors may profoundly affect its flowering time.

The most popular one, the Bearded iris, typically blooms in late spring, which is usually in April or May and can last until early June. Other types, such as Siberian and Japanese irises, often bloom a bit later in the spring.

Reblooming Irises

When Do Irises Bloom | How Long Do Iris Bloom 2

If you want your Irises to rebloom, remember that only Bearded, Siberian, and Louisiana irises can do that.

Make sure these plants get at least 6-7 hours of sunlight every day. Also, water when the topsoil goes a little dry and do not overwater these beauties.

Taking the right care of these blossoms will make them bloom again—just ensure you deadhead the first flowers. How? Once the blooms fade and dry up, remove them so the plant doesn’t waste any energy on seed production. This simple step will ensure that they’ll flower again in the reblooming season in late summer/early fall!

Some Pro Tips to Keep Your Plants Blooming Continuously & Longer

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