19 Rare Black Orchid Flowers for Home Gardens

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Here’s a list of some extremely Rare Black Orchid Flowers for Home Gardens. Grow them for a gothic and fascinating look today!

If you are someone who loves dark-hued flowers, then these Rare Black Orchid Flowers for Home Gardens will surely have your interest!

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Do Black Orchids Exist In Nature?

According to botanists, orchids that are considered black are actually purple, dark maroon, or dark blue. These orchids look black at first sight, but the difference will be clear when you look closely at the petals.

If you find an entirely black orchid blooming in the store, then it is artificially dyed fake. It implies that the second flower of Phalaenopsis will be white since they are the best at soaking the pigment. It can be done in many ways:

  • Applying Pigment with Water: It takes time but does not harm the plant.
  • Through Injection: The petals change hue more quickly than the watering method but cause stress, and flowers often die.

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Rare Black Orchid Flowers

Do note that some of the flowers on this list have a deep purple and pink hue, which makes them appear black under a certain light condition or from a distance.

1. Pisgah Midnight


Botanical Name: Paphiopedilum’ Pisgah Midnight’

It shows off petals in a deep burgundy hue with dark veins, which makes it look like a black orchid. The stigma is slightly lighter than the tips of the petals.

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2. De Nachtwacht

Botanical Name: Paphiopedilum ‘De Nachtwacht’

This variety almost looks black from a distance under direct light. In reality, its petals have a deep burgundy and brown hue.

3. Black Pearl


Botanical Name: Fredclarkeara After Dark’ Black Pearl’

It emits a strong scent, making this orchid quite unique. For the best colors, make sure it gets plenty of bright but indirect light.

4. SVO Black Pearl


Botanical Name: Fredclarkeara After Dark ‘SVO Black Pearl’

Black Pearl is a hybrid that has been achieved by breeders over many years. It is one of the very few nearly pure-black orchids.

5. Kiwi Midnight

Botanical Name: Cymbidium ‘Kiwi Midnight’

‘Kiwi midnight’ is an epiphyte, which is not black but has a very deep purple hue. It is quite rare, and you might find it hard to get your hands on one!

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6. Black Butterfly


Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis’ Black Butterfly’

‘Black Butterfly’ displays dark purple petals with tiny spots of light hue that appear like a butterfly’s wings. It has one flower stalk covered in many small blooms.

7. Black Jack


Botanical Name: Paphiopedilum ‘Black Jack’

This distinct variety offers 10-15 blossoms on a single stem. It has a mix of burgundy and pink hues, which can be very deep, making it appear black.

8. Kaoda Twinkle


Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis ‘Kaoda Twinkle’

It was registered in the United Kingdom in 2011. This hybrid displays dark beet-colored petals with contrasting white lips and burgundy speckles.

9. Black Face


Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis ‘Black Face’

This gorgeous variety sports a deep cherry hue with white stripes. Some flowers attain a very deep pink or burgundy hue, which makes them appear black.

10. Black Velvet


Botanical Name: Maxillaria schunkeana ‘Black Velvet’

The rich burgundy shade of the blooms makes them look nearly black. The peduncles are quite short and the flowers are quite close to pseudobulbs.

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11. Dracula


Botanical Name: Dracula roezlii

Native to Ecuador and Columbia, this bloom is popular as a ‘monkey face’ due to its distinct appearance. The burgundy to dark brown flowers have dark blue veins.

12. Wössner Black Wings


Botanical Name: Paphiopedilum ‘Wössner Black Wings’

What makes this orchid stand out from the rest is its smashing color combination of brown and black. The tall stalks make them look more stunning.

13. Black Bird


Botanical Name: Paphiopedilum ‘Black Bird’

Not exactly black, but it comes close with its deep blueberry-hued blooms on a single flower stalk with a charming sheen.

14. Cali Night

The RHS Orchid Committee

Botanical Name: Cymbidium Cali Night ‘Geyserland’

The small chocolate-colored blooms have a dark velvety lip that gives a delicate glow. It is one of the darkest black orchids you can grow.

15. Vanda


Botanical Name: Vanda

Vandas are famous for their deep hue, which can be blue, deep purple, or burgundy. It stands out with its color, which surely looks like black!

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16. Little Black Pearl


Botanical Name: Doritaenopsis ‘Little Black Pearl’

This low-maintenance variety is a monopodial plant, implying that the flower is connected to a single vertical stem. It is often subjected to artificial dark coloring.

 17. Black Prince


Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis ‘Black Prince’

‘Black Prince’ is considered the blackest orchid, though the actual color is deep purple with white markings in the center of the flower.

18. Black Swan


Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis ‘Black Swan’

This easy-growing Phalaenopsis features dense purple blossoms with outlined yellow centers. It can be a great pick for tabletops!

19. Black Mambo


Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis ‘Black Mambo’

This is one of the rarest kinds of Phalaenopsis, with a white outline along the tip of the deep purple petals. It stays compact and grows best in bright, indirect light.

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