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16 Indoor Plants with Coin-Shaped Leaves

Love to include houseplants with distinct shapes in your home garden? Discover out these Indoor Plants with Coin-Shaped Leaves!

These beautiful Indoor Plants with Coin-Shaped Leaves not only look good but also attract good luck and money! Grow them today for a chance to change your fortune!

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Indoor Plants with Coin-Shaped Leaves

1. Chinese Money Plant

Indoor Plants with Coin-Shaped Leaves

Botanical Name: Pilea peperomoides

This beautiful plant is admired for its round green coin-shaped leaves. It is also considered a symbol of good luck and friendship.

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2. Creeping Jenny

Botanical Name: Lysimachia nummularia

Also known as moneywort, it features mid-green coin-shaped leaves. For the yellow hue, grow it in full sun as the foliage takes a brown color in the shade.

3. String of Coins

Indoor Plants with Coin-Shaped Leaves 2

Botanical Name: Xerosicyos danguyi

Also known as Siver Dollar Vine, the round green coin-shaped foliage on thin stems look beautiful in planters. Some people call it a money plant as well.

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4. String of Nickles

Botanical Name: Dischidia nummularia

The coin-like flat green round leaves give an impression of coins dangling on a string. This showy houseplant looks exceptionally beautiful in hanging baskets.

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5. Compton

Indoor Plants with Coin-Shaped Leaves 3

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe alticola ‘Compton’

This dwarf succulent offers brown to pale-green coin-like leaves—flowers are orange to yellow in the shade.

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6. Jade Plant

Botanical Name: Crassula ovata

This popular crassula variety shows off thick oval coin-shaped dark green leaves—it also produces pink-white blooms during winter.

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7. Yellow Rainbow Bush

Indoor Plants with Coin-Shaped Leaves 4

Botanical Name: Portulacaria afra ‘Aurea’

This slow-growing, spreading succulent groundcover features beautiful red-brown stems and round coin-like pale yellow to light green leaves.

8. Trailing Elephant Bush


Botanical Name: Portulacaria afra ‘Cascade’

This beautiful succulent offers maroon stems filled with round coin-like fleshy leaves—it cascades over walls and achieves great length.

9. String of Turtles

Indoor Plants with Coin-Shaped Leaves 5

Botanical Name: Peperomia prostrata

This vining plant has round purple-green foliage patterned in white veins. It looks adorable in hanging baskets.

10. Silver Leaf Artillery Plant

Botanical Name: Pilea glaucophylla

This beautiful, easy-to-grow pilea variety showcases soft pink-red stems carrying clusters of coin-shaped blue-green leaves.

11. Brevialata

Indoor Plants with Coin-Shaped Leaves 6

Botanical Name: Hoya brevialata

Hoya brevialata offers coin-shaped waxy round green leaves. The plant also produces red and white fragrant blooms.

12. Silver Dollar Plant


Botanical Name: Crassula arborescens

The cute and plumped leaves of this plant are round and fleshy with a coin-like shape. It stays compact and looks great on coffee tables!

13. Round Leaf Peperomia

Indoor Plants with Coin-Shaped Leaves 7

Botanical Name: Peperomia rotundifolia

This epiphyte has soft, trailing stems and small round coin-shaped thick dark green leaves. It looks great as a desktop plant.

14. Stephania pierrei

Botanical Name: Stephania pierrei

Also known as Stephania erecta, it features a swollen stem and green round foliage with yellow blooms.

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15. Alice Herbert

Indoor Plants with Coin-Shaped Leaves 8

Botanical Name: Crassula ‘Alice Herbert’

This succulent forms a cluster of stemless rosettes with round green flat leaves covered in hair, giving them a gray look.

16. Pennywort

Botanical Name: Hydrocotyle vulgaris

Though not as common as the other plants on this list, it is still quite a unique plant with coin-shaped leaves that you can keep on tables.

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