Growing Chinese Money Plant in Water | How To Grow Pilea peperomioides

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Learn all about Growing Chinese Money Plant in Water in easy steps and showcase the beauty of this plant in transparent jars and vases!

Growing Chinese Money Plant in Water

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Chinese money plant is loved for its coin-shaped round green leaves. It is popularly given as a gift in Chinese culture and this cute plant is also considered a symbol of good luck and friendship. If you too want to include it in your collection, then here’s all the information on Growing Chinese Money Plant in Water.

Botanical Name: Pilea Peperomoides

USDA Zones: 9b-11b

Common Names: UFO Plant, Pancake Plant, Missionary Plant, Chinese money plant

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Growing Chinese Money Plant in Water

Thing’s You’ll Need:

  • Clean tall glass vase or jar
  • Scissors, sharp knife, or gardening clippers
  • Pebbles or rocks (optional)


If you have purchased a plant from a nursery or a garden center, then you can easily take cuttings from it to grow in water.

  • Take a 3-4 inch long stem cutting with a set of 2-4 leaves.
  • Place the cutting in a clean glass jar, add some decorative pebbles at the bottom, fill the jar with fresh non-chlorinated or aquarium water.
  • Keep the jar/vase where it receives fresh air and filtered light.
  • Within a week or two, the roots will emerge up to 1 inch in length.

Chinese Money Plant Care in Water

Growing Chinese Money Plant in Water 2


Place the jar on an east or west-facing window – keep in mind that direct sunlight can burn the leaves. You can also keep the water-grown pilea behind a curtain on a sunny window too.


Change the water every 5-7 days or earlier. Avoid using tap water for growing Chinese money plants as it contains chlorine. Instead, use lake or river water. RO or boiled water can also be used but allow it to cool down to room temperature. If you are using tap water, let it sit overnight. Aquarium water is also a good choice.


Apply balanced liquid fertilizer in the growing season or once in 3-4 weeks. Add half a teaspoon in 2 gallons of water and mix the solution in the jar.

Taking Care of Roots

While growing in water, aerial roots form offshoots as regular roots, as they boost the plant’s energy to soak more nutrients. Discard the thick brown outer covering of floating aerial roots while changing the water. Also, make sure that none of the rotted or decaying leaves are falling into the water in the vase.

Where to Keep Chinese Money Plant

This good luck plant looks adorable on coffee tables as a centerpiece. Grow pilea in decorative narrow vases, or jars, and set it on dining tables, desks, and tabletops for a beautiful view.

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