7 Vegetables that Look Like Carrots

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Explore an exclusive list of Vegetables that Look Like Carrots in appearance but have different taste profiles.

While these veggies may not be identical to carrots in taste and color, their similar appearance offers an exciting twist to your meals. Let’s have a look at Vegetables that Look Like Carrots.

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Vegetables that Look Like Carrots

1. Parsnips

Vegetables that Look Like Carrots 1

Botanical Name: Pastinaca sativa

First on the list of vegetables that look like carrots is Parsnip. While they may not have the same bright orange hue as carrots, their elongated shape and tapered ends make them a convincing carrot look-alike.

2. Daikon Radish

Botanical Name: Raphanus sativus var. Longipinnatus

Daikon radishes are long and cylindrical with a white exterior, similar to a white carrot. Although their texture and flavor differ from carrots, daikon radishes can be shredded or thinly sliced to mimic the appearance of carrot ribbons or julienne cuts.

3. Beets

Vegetables that Look Like Carrots 3

Botanical Name: Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris Conditiva Group

Next on the list of vegetables that look like carrots is Beets. Like carrots, they are root vegetables that share a similar appearance. Their taste is reminiscent of carrots but with a distinct earthy flavor.

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4. Scarlet Turnips

Botanical Name: Brassica rapa

Scarlet turnips, also known as red turnips or watermelon radishes, feature a vibrant red or pinkish exterior and a crisp white interior. When sliced, their round shape and colorful appearance resemble carrot slices.

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5. Black Salsify

Vegetables that Look Like Carrots 5

Botanical Name: Scorzonera hispanica

Black salsify, also called black root or Spanish salsify, is a lesser-known vegetable that shares a similar shape to carrots. It has dark brown or blackish skin and white flesh inside. It can be used as a carrot substitute in soups, stews, or even roasted as a side dish.

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6. Sweet Potatoes

Botanical Name: Ipomoea batatas

Sweet potatoes, especially certain varieties like the Japanese sweet potato, can bear a resemblance to carrots, particularly with their elongated shape and tapered ends. They can be used as a substitute for carrots in certain dishes, such as roasted root vegetable medleys or purees.

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7. Dandelion Roots

Vegetables that Look Like Carrots 7

Botanical Name: Taraxaci officinalis radix

Last on the list of vegetables that look like carrots are Dandelion roots. These roots are slightly bitter and earthy in flavor. Dandelion roots can be harvested, cleaned, and roasted to be used in herbal teas or as a coffee substitute.

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