How to Grow Popcorn Microgreens in Home for Salad

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Learn How to Grow Popcorn Microgreens at Home because young corn shoots are sweet, flavorful, and nutritious and you can enjoy them in salads and sandwiches.

How to Grow Popcorn Microgreens in Home for Salad

Popcorn shoots are rich in nutrients and taste sweet. If you want to enjoy the fresh microgreens throughout the year, grow them on your windowsill or balcony and add them to your bowl of salads, wraps for a healthy snack, or sandwiches! Know everything about How to Grow Popcorn Microgreens in Home for Salad!

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What are Popcorn Microgreens?

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Popcorn Microgreens are harvested right after they sprout. They are also popularly known as corn shoots when they are left unharvested for 2-3 weeks beyond the right time. Their subtly sweet flavor makes them a great addition to any meal, even if you do not like to eat veggies! 

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Things You Need to Grow Popcorn Microgreens

  • Seeds: Any variety of popcorn or corn seeds
  • Containers: You’ll need at least 2-3 growing trays, with enough drainage holes
  • Growing medium: Seed-starting mix for growing microgreens. Even coconut coir or peat works!
  • Harvesting Tools: Clean and sharp pair of kitchen scissors 
  • Watering Dish: Shallow container that’s a bit bigger than the growing trays
  • Small-sized Misting Bottle
  • Heating Mat (Optional)

How to Grow Popcorn Microgreens?

How to Grow Popcorn Microgreens in Home for Salad


It is a great idea to pre-soak the seeds overnight. It gives them the right boost by softening up their coat in the water before sprouting. 

Tip: Place them in an open spot with excellent ventilation. Indirect sunlight does not harm the seeds till the shoots begin to develop. 

Here’s everything you need to know about growing corn salad.


Fill a tray with 2-3 inches of soil mix and moisten the medium slightly. Smoothen out the surface to make it as flat as possible. Then, scatter the seeds in the soil all over, making sure they are not on top of each other. Once done, cover them with a thin layer of growing medium.

Pro Tip: If you’ll keep the plants covered using a damp cotton cloth they will produce sweeter stalks.


Mist using a spray bottle. Avoid using glass as you might end up overwatering. Once the shoots appear, mist once a day. 


Usually, the seeds take 2-3 days to germinate. If you want a faster germination process, place a heating mat underneath. After they grow up to a height of 2-4 inches, assume they are ready for harvest. 


The microgreens can stay fresh for 7-14 days using this method. Meanwhile, you can store the new shoots in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

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Eating Popcorn Microgreens in Salads

How to Grow Popcorn Microgreens in Home for Salad
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Popcorn microgreens are great for salads as they look and taste delicious and are loaded with healthy nutrients. You can use them to add flavor to omelets, smoothies, sandwiches, or any dish for that matter!

They are rich in Vitamins C, E, A, B, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and such. The fresh shoots make an excellent addition to smoothies and soups, too.

Avoid cooking popcorn microgreens as they lose their flavor and some nutrition when cooked.

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