8 Pro Tips on How to Get Aloe Vera To Flower

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Learn everything about How to Get Aloe Vera To Flower and invite the rare blooms of this easy to maintain succulent to your garden and home!

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While most of us have aloe vera in our plant collection, only a few of us know that this plant blooms too! If you want to know how to make yours blossom, then here are the best tips on How to Get Aloe Vera To Flower.

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Will My Aloe Vera Plant Flower?

The answer to this question is —Yes! Mature aloe Vera plants produce flowers but it also depends on a lot of factors like sun exposure and the growing environment.

Typically, an outdoor-grown aloe vera produces yellow-orange flowers that grow on a stalk from the center of the plant during winter.

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How Often Do Aloe Vera Plants Flower?

Do not expect your aloe vera plants to flower all the time in a year. The succulent blooms once a year and begin to grow flower stalks during spring.

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How Long Does An Aloe Vera Flower Last?

The orange-color vertical spiky blossoms last till late summer from spring. In zones 10-12, aloe vera flowers early whereas in zones 9-10, it blooms in mid to late spring.

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Does Aloe Vera Die After Blooming?

No. Aloe Vera would not die after flowering and continues to grow like other tropical, semi-flowering plants. The flowers die by turning dry till late summer.

What Do the Blooms of An Aloe Vera Look Like?

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The flowers of aloe Vera plant have multiple, pipe-shaped individual tubes that grow vertically. The tuber bells grow downward and have a inverted U-shape. The blooms have an orange, red, yellow, and white hue.

The florets resemble red hot poker plants with tubular orange and yellow blossoms hanging in clusters over a strong flower stem.

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Do Aloe Plants Blooms Have a Scent?

No. The flowers of aloe vera are fragrance-less. However, they are rich in pollen and nectar, which attracts birds and bees.

How to Get Aloe Vera To Flower?


1. Give them an Extra Dose of Light

Like every other flowering plant, aloe vera will only flower when exposed to plenty of light. Do not expect the plant to bloom if you are keeping it in shade. Start to keep your aloe in 5-6 hours of direct sun 2-3 months before spring, the time it blooms.

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2. Buy Mature Plants

Do not expect flowers from a young aloe plant. It blooms after reaching a certain age, 3-5 years minimum. Wait for the right time, or buy a plant that’s at least 4 years old from a garden center.

3. Take the Plant Outdoors

While growing indoors, many gardeners wish to get their aloe plants to flower, which, unfortunately, never happens. Natively, aloe vera grows in the open areas, exposed directly to the windy and sunny conditions.

Mimicking the same tricks the plant into growing flowers as the spring approaches. The number one trick, however, is to expose the plant to a good amount of sunlight.

4. Fertilize to Boost the Growth and Flowering

A healthy aloe has more potential to produce bright blooms. Make sure you use a rich and well-draining potting mix. Also, start feeding the plant with a balanced liquid fertilizer, diluted to half of its strength, 3 months before spring.

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5. Temperature Variations

Expose the Aloe vera plant to temperature fluctuations by providing cooler nights and slightly warmer days. This mimics natural environmental changes and may trigger the plant to initiate flowering.

The best temperature range for aloe vera is 70-85 F (21-29 C) in the daytime and not lower than 60 F (15 C) during the night. In the spring months, shift plants indoors in the evening.

6. Keep it a Little Root Bound

Aloe vera likes to be in a slightly root bound state and keeping it in the same will allow the plant to re-direct ints energy into growing blooms, rather than expanding the roots in the pot.

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7. Stress Induction

Subjecting the Aloe vera plant to mild stress conditions can sometimes stimulate flowering. You can achieve this by slightly reducing watering frequency or withholding water for a short period.

However, it’s essential to ensure the stress level remains within the plant’s tolerance to avoid damaging its health.

8. Ethylene Exposure

Ethylene gas is a natural plant hormone that promotes flowering. You can try exposing the Aloe vera plant to ethylene-producing fruits like apples or bananas.

Place ripe fruits near the plant, allowing the ethylene gas to potentially trigger blooming.

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Aloe Vera Flower Uses

Aloe Vera flowers have the quality to fight digestive and immune issues. They are generally added as an ingredient in drinks, recipes, salads, and desserts. The flower extracts are a good source of antioxidants.

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