These 16 Crazy Fuchsia Variety Colors will Make You Plant Them Instantly

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Like flowers? These Crazy Fuchsia Variety Colors will Make You Plant Them Instantly for sure! Pick your favorite one out!

These Fuchsia Variety Colors will surely stand out in your garden, and you can use these plants to add plenty of colorful appeal to your home!

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Fuchsia Variety Colors

1. Blacky

Fuchsia Variety Colors 1

As the name suggests, this Fuchsia variety is known for its almost black-purple petals that contrast stunningly with a bright pink corolla.

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2. Firecracker

This Fuchsia variety is an explosion of colors. It has striking flame-orange tube and sepals that complement a vibrant purple corolla.

3. Blue Mirage

Fuchsia Variety Colors 3

Offering a breathtaking palette, this variety showcases flowers with white tubes, light pinkish-red sepals, and a beautiful blue corolla.

4. Voodoo


This variety casts a spell with its intense, dark red sepals and a deep purple, almost black, corolla. The contrast is both striking and beautiful!

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5. Tom Thumb

Fuchsia Variety Colors 5

This variety is small but mighty. It features delicate small flowers with bright red sepals and a purplish-pink corolla. The plant itself is compact and bushy.

6. Whiteknight’s Pearl

This is an all-white Fuchsia variety, quite rare and truly stunning. The white flowers provide a bright, clean look that can lighten up any shady corner of your garden.

7. Pink Fizz

Fuchsia Variety Colors 7Known for its glowing lime-green foliage that sets off the brilliant red and purple flowers to great effect. This contrast makes ‘Genii’ a stand-out variety.

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8. Delta’s Sarah

A showstopper with striking, large double flowers. The tube and sepals are a soft pink while the corolla is a vibrant lilac-blue. It’s a spectacular sight when the plant is full of blooms.

9. Checkerboard

Fuchsia Variety Colors 9

This variety displays a unique contrast of colors. The sepals are white, and the corolla is a deep purple, giving the flowers a checkerboard effect.

10. Coralina


This variety is an intriguing spectacle with its coral-red sepals and lighter coral-pink semi-double corolla. The color combination is unusual and particularly striking.

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11. Golden Marinka

Fuchsia Variety Colors 11

This variety features bright red, small single flowers, but what makes it unique is its golden-yellow leaves, adding an extra splash of color to your garden.

12. La Campanella

Known for its delicate, small, bell-shaped flowers, this variety boasts a fascinating color combination of pinkish-red sepals and a purple-blue corolla.

13. Swingtime

Fuchsia Variety Colors 13

Swingtime is known for its striking and elegant flowers. The pendulous blooms have a unique color combination with white sepals and a deep red, almost magenta, corolla.

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14. Dollar Princess


It sports dark, almost blackish purple sepals while the corolla is a bright fuchsia or magenta color. The combination of deep purple and vibrant pink creates an eye-catching contrast.

15. Lady in Black

The flowers of ‘Lady in Black’ are typically a vibrant, rich shade of pink or fuchsia. They have a single form, with four sepals and four petals.

16. Shrimp Cocktail


A new kid on the block, it is one of the most compact and appealing varieties you can grow. The blooms are pure pink and contrast really great with the green foliage.

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