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What to know about How to Get a Hoya Plant to Bloom? Follow our tricks and tips to ensure your plant flowers in all its beauty!

How to Get a Hoya Plant to Bloom

The hoya plant may be popular for its shiny leaves, but its flowers are the real deal! They smell so heavenly that growing them indoors can make your entire house a living perfumery! So, if you have one in your room or garden, here are some top ways on How to Get a Hoya Flower to Bloom! 

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Hoya Plant Flowers and Fragrance

Though you might love this plant for its waxy foliage, the main showstoppers are its star-shaped flowers that grow in clusters. They have a very mesmerizing sweet scent that lingers in the environment where they are grown for a really long time.

Why Your Hoya Plant is Not Flowering?

If the Hoyas are not blooming, it is either a case of incorrect growing requirements, or it is possible that you have grown a non-blooming variety.

Sometimes it is just the lack of enough sunlight that often stunts the blooming potential of this beautiful flowering houseplant. It can also be a poor growing medium, lacking the right kind of nutrients that are needed to encourage flowers. 

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How Long It Takes for Hoya Plant to Flower?

Hoyas require to be fully mature before they begin to flower. It can be anywhere between 2-5 years or depending upon the variety that you have grown. For instance, some types can take longer than usual such as Hoya Lobii. 

When Do Hoya Plants Bloom?

You can expect a hoya plant to start flowering during spring or summer. There are some varieties that also bloom in fall or winter. The plant produces flowers from the peduncles that protrude from the same stem joint every year; this is why you should be careful when pruning your hoya plant and don’t cut the spur or peduncles from where the previous bloom appeared.

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Best Hoyas for Beautiful Flowers


Hoya Gigas, Hoya Lauterbachii, Hoya imperialis, Hoya onchyoides, Hoya archboldiana, Hoya macgillivray, and Hoya carnosa are the top hoya varieties you must grow for the most beautiful blooms!

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How to Get a Hoya Plant to Bloom?

The most important thing to note when it comes to flowering hoya plants is time. The plant takes its time to flower, so be ready to wait for at least two years or even more. However, it starts blooming, it keeps blooming.

1. Give More Sunlight

How to Get a Hoya Plant to Bloom 2

Hoyas prefer bright but indirect or filtered sunlight, and it is the most essential factor that promotes flowering. For best blooms, make sure the plant gets at least 3-4 hours of direct but mild sunlight exposure, too but do not expose it to the harsh afternoon sun.

2. Feed it Right

You must feed Hoyas with frequently with any balanced liquid fertilizer like 20-20-20, which has equal Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Dilute it to 1/4 of its recommended strength and feed the plant once every 2 or 3 weeks. It will give it the much needed boost in growth, which will prompt the plant into flowering.

Do not feed the plant during the colder months unless you live in a frost free region, as it enters into a dormant stage. 

3. Use Sheer Curtain


Hoyas do not prefer harsh and intense sunlight. It is best to place a sheer curtain to save them from the strong afternoon sun if the plant sits right next to a sunny south or west-facing window.

4. Check Humidity Levels

Hoyas love humidity levels above 40 percent, so try to emulate that. Keeping a mini humidifier around the plant or placing the plant on a tray filled with pebbles and water can also be a good option; while you do this, make sure the water is not directly touching the base of the pot. 

5. Maintain the Right Temperature

How to Get a Hoya Plant to Bloom 8

Hoyas bloom best in the temperature range of 60-80°F or 15-26°C. Do not expose the plant below 45°F or 7°C as it will cease flowering. Dipping levels of temperature can cause the plant to drop leaves. 

6. Take Care of its Watering Needs

Hoyas need to be watered deeply and regularly. However, allow the soil to dry out a little between watering sessions, especially in the winter; doing this will promote flowering in spring. Over and underwatering both can prevent the plant from forming ample blooms. 

7. Keep it in a Root Bound State


Keeping hoyas in the root-bound stage is the best way to encourage blooming, as the plant will then utilize its energy to grow more flowers instead of forming roots and developing downwards.

Avoid repotting until it is too necessary. i.e., when you see roots coming out of the drainage holes of the pot or around the surface.

8. Do Not Prune 

How to Get a Hoya Plant to Bloom 10

Do not prune the spent blooms—let them fall off on their own. As new flowers emerge from the same point, snipping the old blooms will eliminate the chances for the plant to grow more flowers. 

Prune only the dead and damaged parts of the plant using a clean pair of shears.

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