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Here’s a detailed Hoya Lyi Care Guide that will help you to grow this beautiful plant in your home or garden all year round!


If you want a cute and small plant that can add a green touch to windowsills and tables, then this Hoya Lyi Care Guide will help you to have a beautiful one indoors!

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Hoya lyi Information


Native to Southeast Asia with many species indigenous to Australia, this genus has large epiphytic flowering plants. It is easy to grow and flower in a tropical climate.

Hoya lyi is a dainty climber, with oval, oblong, or elliptic leaves. The flowers can vary in shades from fully white to pink with purple to pink centers, and emits an amazingly sweet scent.

Propagating Hoya lyi

Growing hoya lyi from cuttings is the easiest way to propagate this plant. Snip off 4-6 inches of cutting from a healthy specimen, dip the end in a rooting hormone and plant it in a well-draining growing medium. Water well and locate it where the plant gets plenty of bright but indirect light.

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Hoya Lyi Care Guide

  • Grow hoya lyi in a bright location that’s protected from direct exposure to the harsh afternoon sun.
  • A few hours of direct morning light can stimulate fast growth and more flowers.
  • Avoid removing the flower stalks or peduncles as hoyas can rebloom from the same stem over and over again.
  • Snip away damaged or yellowing leaves and stems from time to time.
  • Add compost and peat along with plenty of organic matter to the soil for best growth.
  • Water only when the topsoil becomes a little dry. Avoid over-watering.

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