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How to Create a Garden Gift Basket: Garden Gift Basket Idea

Garden gift basket is all time favorite present for those who love gardening. It suits every occasion, too. You can buy it or make yourself one. Making a DIY garden gift basket is fun and easy, plus you can select items according to you.

1. Find a Basket or Container

First, find something to contain your items in– a water can, planter, pot or basket is fine. After this decide which items you need to stuff in it?

2. What to put in a garden gift basket?

Trowel, sprayer, gloves, a book or magazine subscription, seed packets and a homemade greeting card(if you can). *Be creative to add anything you like.

3. How to Make a Garden Gift Basket

1. Add handy gardening tools like pruner or trowel; sprayer and gardening gloves like we did here.

2. Seed packets of annuals or herbs, you can add packets of organic fertilizer, too.

3. A gardening book or subscription of magazine is must, place it carefully.

4. In the end, wrap it with ribbon to decorate it or embellish it with cut flowers or artificial flowers.

Your Garden Gift Basket is ready, give it to the person who love gardening and share affection. It’s a perfect gift for all special occasions.


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