Garden Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s day is an ideal time to show affection to your mother. If your mommy loves gardening, make this mother’s day special for her. Take inspiration from our mother’s day gift ideas here. Present something she’ll never forget about.

1. Garden center

garden centerTake her for a surprise visit to a garden center, buy her favorite plants, it’s a tremendous idea. She’ll love this.

2. Seed Packets

seed packetGifting seed packets is a smart idea. Buy easy to grow annual flowers’ seeds full of colors.

3. Gardening book

gardens booksIf your mom loves to read books then give her a gardening book. Read this list of best gardening books on Goodreads.

4. Bonsai Tree

bonsai tree

A bonsai tree represents a living symbol of love and care. It’s a perfect gift you can give to a gardener.

5. Birdhouse

bird houseBirdhouses aren’t much costly and they add new aspect in a garden, too. Little birds dance about and chirrup in them, which create a cool sight. Present a birdhouse and help your mother to invite birds into her garden.

6. Live plants

buy live plantsBest idea to excite those who love gardening. If you’re away from your mother, send her live plants.

7. Buddha music

garden buddha musicIf she loves music, buy CD’s of soothing Buddha music, listening to it can appease mind.

8. Write something

mothers day poem garden free gift ideaPick a pen and paper and start writing a sweet poem or a letter full of emotions, pour your heart. This is the most expensive gift you can give. Your mother will love it.

9. Garden Furniture

garden decor mothers day giftGift a garden bench, chair or desk that’ll be useful for her. *Take care that furniture must match the ambiance of her garden.

10. Gardening tools

garden tool mothers day giftYou can buy tools like trowels, gloves, pruners and transplanters.

11. Water Garden

water garden mothers day giftCreate a lovely container water garden in simple steps, adorn it with water lilies and lotuses and place it in her garden. Read how to do this.

12. Garden lantern

lantern mothers day giftLanterns do the magic, they add colors in both outdoors and indoors. Install them in her garden without letting her know, light them in the eve and play a beautiful music.

13. Garden Gift Basket

garden gift basket mothers day giftGive her a garden gift basket. Don’t buy it, make your own basket, read here.

14. Garden Décor Item

uk garden decor mothers day giftGarden décor items embellish a garden. You can buy cool planters, whimsical sculptures, and accessories for her. *Look at this amazing wagon wheel planter.

15. Essential oils

essential oil mothers day giftIt’s a premium gift, as there are myriads of uses of essential oils and it’s great for aromatherapy, too. Gift her starter kit of them.

16. Adorn her Garden

landscape gardenBesides all this, if you’re short of money or want to do something more: adorn her garden secretly, do pruning, mowing, and weeding, cook her favorite dish and play music.

Do you have mother’s day ideas or memories you cherish? We request you to share that with us in your comments.

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Mother’s day is an ideal time to show affection to your mother. If your mommy loves gardening, make this mother’s day special for her. Take inspiration from our mother's day gift ideas here.

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