How to Prune a Monstera in a Right Way

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Wondering how to prune a monstera in the right way so that it stays healthy and also grows well? Well, this guide has all the tricks!

Prune a Monstera in a Right Way 1

Monsteras are known for their large, fenestrated leaves. However, if neglected, they can become leggy and grow uncontrolled in every direction. So, how to keep these beauties manageable? Pruning, of course!

Why Prune Monsteras?

Pruning is not always about taking an extra growth from here, and some leaves from there – no! It is a regime that makes sure the plant is devoid of any yellowing, browning or droopy foliage that also helps it direct the energy into growing the remaining healthy leaves in a better manner.

If you notice your monstera not being as lush and broad as it should be – find nodes and give a cut above them – it will trick the plant grow 2 more branches from that point!

Once you are done, sit back, and watch the plant thrive! Also, do this for a mature, well grown plant. 

Pruning Monstera Indoors

How to Prune a Monstera

For indoor plants, the best season to prune is during spring and summer, just before the growing season begins. Avoid doing it in during fall and winter – monsteras are dormant this time! However, you can take out dead and damaged leaves any time of the year.

Do note that indoor plants grow at their own sweet space, and may not be as energetic as say a specimen growing in the wild – so don’t go all into the pruning immediately. Being slow and steady wins this race!

Get a sharp, clean pruning shears and start snipping away the yellow and damaged foliage. Also, for indoor monsteras, don’t cut out all the node points – cuts above 3-4 nodes (in the entire plant) would be a good to start and then see how the plant responds to it.

Remember, do not snip away more than 20% of its overall growth at one time.

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Pruning Monstera Outdoors

How to Prune a Monstera in a Right Way 2

The timing to prune the outdoor specimens is the same as the indoor ones.

Do note that because the outdoor plant gets more sunlight, air, and has access to more nutrients (the roots can flourish and spread more in the ground) – outdoor monstera will grow quite fast and quite well!

Here, you have to pretty much do the same as what you did with an indoor specimen – take away the damaged foliage, cut above the node if you want a sprawling growth, and if you want to pull its size down – well, trim the aggressively growing vines back to a more manageable size. Again, do not cut down more than 20-30% of the overall growth.


Water the plant well after the trimming session – after a week feed it with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted to 1/2 of its strength and then repeat it every 8 weeks post that.

Also, you may have plenty of cuttings after the pruning session – do not throw them away! Use these to propagate new plants and give them as gifts!

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