Grow these 10 Herbs and Spices from Cuttings and Divisions

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Growing these Herbs and Spices from Cuttings and Divisions is really easy! All you need is a small space and a pot!

You can grow these herbs and spices from cuttings and divisions very easily without waiting too long for the harvest! A sunny windowsill will be more than apt for most of these!

Grow these Herbs and Spices from Cuttings and Divisions

1. Lemon Balm

Growing Spices from Cuttings and Divisions 2

Lemon Balm has a lemony scent and is used in teas and salads. It grows fast and is easily propagated via cuttings and division.

2. Mint

Growing Spices from Cuttings and Divisions 3

Here’s a vigorous grower that spreads quickly. Division is a great way to control its spread and grow new plants, but you can also grow them with cuttings in both water and soil.

3. Sage

Growing Spices from Cuttings and Divisions 7

This fragrant plant is the perfect spice for roasting meats and stuffing. If you’re growing it from cuttings, do it in early spring. Fall is the best time for the Sage division.

4. Ginger

Growing Spices from Cuttings and Divisions 9

The ginger root itself isn’t a spice, but a common spice comes from it. You can propagate it by dividing a healthy knob of ginger root with “eyes” (buds) into pieces and planting these.

5. Lemongrass

Growing Spices from Cuttings and Divisions 10

You can propagate Lemongrass via division. It’s a bit trickier than the rest, but is doable. As the plant doesn’t ave nodes, growing it from cuttings is not possible. Plus, you can always grow it from seeds.

6. Turmeric

Next on our list is Turmeric. You can divide turmeric to get more of it for cooking or these uses. It’s just like dividing a ginger root; look for a healthy piece, divide it, and then plant it in good-quality soil.

7. Bay Laurel

These fragrant evergreen shrubs are a nice culinary delight and can be propagated via division, but only for mature plants that are over 3 years old. Make sure the root ball has at least one healthy stem when you divide it.

8. French Sorrel

French Sorrel is known for its tart-flavored leaves, which can also be propagated by division. It’s best to do it in spring because the plant establishes better in the right mix of warmth and cold.

9. Lovage

Lovage is a delight because its leaves are used as an herb, its roots as a vegetable, and the seeds are spices. Plus, you can divide plants once they’re over 2 years old for more of these.

10. Black Pepper


If you love using black pepper for that unmistaken aroma and taste in your cooking, you can also grow it in pots easily. These are usually grown from cuttings and for more details, our article will guide you!

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