28 Raspberry Tattoo Ideas

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Don’t go with boring inks – we’ve got many Raspberry Tattoo Ideas that will make yours the coolest one in your group!

Raspberry Tattoo Ideas are best for you if you’re a sweet spirit and full of passion. Need designs to get your mind thinking? We’ve got you covered.

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Raspberry Tattoo Meaning and Significance

Kindness and Gentleness

The raspberry represents kindness as it has fragile fruits that mirror the qualities of compassion in relationships. People get this tattoo to fill the world with kindness.

Love and Passion

The rich red color of these berries is associated with love – a deep and fulfilling love. People often get this tattoo to showcase their bond with their loved ones and family members.

Protection and Safety

Raspberries are believed to have protective qualities and ward off negativity and evil spirits. They protect you from bad people and serve as a talisman on your skin.

Raspberry Tattoo

1. Stick Figure X Raspberry

raspberry tattoo designs

What a unique idea of a stick man climbing a raspberry! Definitely something different.

2. Raspberry Trio

raspberry tattoo designs 2

Look how realistic this little raspberry trio is. Makes you want to reach out and taste it.

3. Fineline Raspberry Tattoo

raspberry tattoo designs 3

Ditch the vibrant colors and go with a fine line ink like this one. You won’t regret it.

4. Raspberry Blooms

raspberry tattoo designs 4

You can also get one with raspberry blooms on the leg. This one is for honor and trust.

5. Raspberries and Flowers

Raspberry tattoo designs 5

Here’s another version of raspberry ink with flowers in yellow. You can get any color you like.

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6. Raspberry Vine

Raspberry tattoo designs 6

The raspberries on this vine tattoo look so real. And the shaded leaves make the perfect backdrop.

7. Raspberry Branch Idea

Raspberry tattoo designs 7

You can also mix these up with darker ones for some definition in your tattoo.

8. A Pair of Raspberries

Raspberry tattoo designs 8

Why not get a cute raspberry pair in dark ink? A little bit of mystery never goes out of style.

9. Collar Bone Raspberries

Tattoo design of Raspberries

Collar bones are the perfect place for a feminine raspberry tattoo – one that you can easily flaunt.

10. Dark Raspberry Design

raspberry tattoo 2

Take inspiration from these dark raspberries – they have a wonderful, dark allure.

11. Raspberry Mandala

raspberry tattoo 3

Mandala tattoos are for balance and harmony – you can also personalize them like this raspberry mandala.

12. Raspberries and Bees

raspberry tattoo 4

Adding tiny details like bees can certainly make your tattoo stand out. See how there are no outlines for a softer appearance?

13. Raspberry Rabbit

raspberry tattoo 5

What a fun idea to show that you’re a fan of raspberries and rabbits!

14. Raspberry on the Arm


These raspberries on the arm will surely have everyone looking at you.

15. Raspberries on the Thigh

raspberry tattoo 6

A detailed thigh piece with a raspberry branch with incredible details. Pretty, right?

16. Shaded Raspberries

raspberry tattoo 7

Get your raspberries shaded in gray and black. Thank us later.

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17. Large Raspberry Branch

raspberry tattoo 8

You can also get a huge statement piece on the back or stomach to stand out.

18. Raspberry Monster

raspberry tattoo 9

Another amazing idea of a raspberry monster that can shoot blasts from its mouth.

19. Lovely Red Raspberries

raspberry tattoo 10

Even simple outlines will make amazing raspberry tattoos if you know what you’re doing.

20. Black and White Raspberries

raspberry tattoo 10

Play with black and white when you get your tattoo – it looks absolutely beautiful.

21. Raspberries on the Back

Raspberries Tattoo

Why not get a tattoo like this one – with a little bit of color and a little bit of simplicity?

22. Little Raspberries

Raspberries Tattoo 2

These little raspberries on the neck are the perfect reminder to be honest in life.

23. Colorful Raspberries

Raspberries Tattoo 3

What a wonderful masterpiece of all kinds of berries and flowers. You should totally copy this idea.

24. Vibrant Raspberries

Raspberries Tattoo 5

Add a bit of vibrant colors to your raspberry tattoo, and it will catch everyone’s gaze.

25. Tiny Raspberry Tattoo

Raspberries Tattoo 6

Not a fan of huge inks? A simple and tiny tattoo like this makes a massive impact.

26. Raspberry Blossoms

Raspberries Tattoo 7

What a pretty design of white flowers and bright red berries! No one would think otherwise.

27. Simple Raspberry Tattoo

Raspberries Tattoo 8

Ditch the outlines for a simple raspberry that will blend into your skin.

28. Raspberry Armband

Tattoo design of Raspberries

You can also go for a long armband to fill up more of your sleeve with a raspberry vine.

Why a Raspberry Ink?

A raspberry shows your love for simple pleasures in life. It’s a symbol of sweetness, growth, and protection. If you want a small and meaningful design that will remind you to appreciate the little things, don’t think twice and go with a raspberry.

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