What To Do With Hens and Chicks Flowers

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So, your Hens and Chicks Flowers are all over the plant and now you are left with a question—What to do with them? Time to find out!

Hens and Chicks Flowers

Both Sempervivum and Echeverias are famous as hens and chicks, and when these succulents flower, it can be quite a sight to behold! However, most are not sure what to do when these plants bloom, and this is where this article comes in!

Hens and Chicks Flowers Appearance

Do note that these plants are monocarpic, meaning they flower and then they die—however the pups continue to grow and develop.

The flowers put up quite a show as they grow on tall stalks that appear from the middle of the rosette. The blooms come in the shades of pink, red, or yellow.

What to Do with Hens and Chicks Flowers?

After hens and chicks flowers, you have two choices: (1)—let the blooms grow and add an appeal to the garden. Over time, they will wither and die, leaving the seeds behind. Do note that you can collect the seeds, but propagating the plant using them can be a hit or miss. It is also a very slow and time consuming process.

Now, the second and the correct method, is to snip away the flowers from the plant. The reason being: 

  • Cutting the flower stalk will prolong the life of the plant for the time being, as it will slightly disrupt its natural cycle (being monocarpic). Do note that it will not stop the parent plant from dying, eventually.
  • It also helps the succulent to redirect its energy into growing more pups at the base, rather than spending its resources into the development of blooms.
  • It would be a good idea to use a clean and sharp pair of shears or scissors to cut the flowers. The moment you spot the flowering stalk emerging from the rosette, cut it from the base, making sure not to cause any damage to the plant.

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