Grow Unlimited Basil Plants in One Pot This Way

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Do you love basil but never seem to have enough of it? Discover this cool way to Grow Unlimited Basil Plants in One Pot or Many!Unlimited Basil Plants in one pot

Who needs to go to the grocery store when you can enjoy an endless supply of basil from your own garden? In this article, we show you ways to turn a big single pot into a personal basil factory!

How to Grow Unlimited Basil Plants in One Pot

Multiply Your Basil Plants

Whenever you decide to water your basil plant, be on the lookout for a healthy non-flowering stem. Once you identify it, use your sharp fingernails to snip it. Ideally, you want one with at least a few sets of leaves (those little bumps where leaves grow are called nodes). Remove it just below a node at an angle.

Remove the lower leaves from the cutting, leaving just the top two sets of leaves, and plant in the same container with the mother plant, or get a large-sized pot to plant several cuttings together and keep planting one of them every few days in that. If you like, dip those cuttings in a rooting hormone before planting to increase the success rate.

With this small habit, you’ll be able to create dozens of new basil plants within months!

Another way is to plop the stems in a glass or jar filled with clean water. Place them in a bright spot with indirect sunlight (think windowsill, not scorching afternoon sun).

Within a week or two, you should see little white roots sprouting from the nodes. Patience is key here! Once the roots are an inch or two long, they’re ready for their new home.

So take these cuttings and plant them in the same pot as the mother plant, or give each of them a separate pot. They’ll thrive, and you’ll have a pot filled with a bunch of healthy basils—an unlimited supply of these flavorful herbs!

Multiply Your Basil Plants with This Trick

Unlimited Basil Plants in One Pot in garden

Let’s say you’re pressed for time or simply too lazy to find a jar, fill it with water, etc! Here’s an even easier trick to make the most of your existing herb by fattening it up for a richer bounty.

Pinch the plant when it gets leggy. Then, gently push some of the exposed stems (with the nodes we mentioned earlier) back into the soil in the same pot to bury (usual layering procedure). Add a little extra potting mix to cover it up slightly.

The buried nodes will start to sprout new shoots, making your basil plant fuller and bushier. Plus, you get more leaves to harvest! You can also grow your basils like shrubs for unlimited harvest.

Now, go on and try these out on your plants and get more by doing less. And don’t forget to share how this worked for you in the comments below!

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