23 Beautiful Flowers that Start with Q

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Explore fascinating Flowers that Start with Q, each with a distinct charm, and discover the wonders of nature’s beauty.

Welcome to a mesmerizing collection of Flowers that Starts with Q! From the exquisite Queen Lily Ginger to the lovely Queen of the Night, these flowers display a variety of amazing beauties.

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Flowers that Start with Q

1. Qantuta (Sacred Flower of the Incas)

Flowers that Start with Q 1

Botanical Name: Cantua buxifolia

Qantuta is a special flower cherished by the Incas for its vibrant colors and cultural significance.

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2. Quesnelia

Botanical Name: Quesnelia augustocoburgii

Quesnelia is a unique plant with beautiful rosette-shaped leaves, making it a charming addition to Flowers that Start with Q.

3. Queen of the MeadowFlowers that Start with Q 3

Botanical Name: Filipendula ulmaria

This flower stands tall with fluffy white flowers loved by bees and butterflies for their sweet nectar.

4. Queen Lily Ginger

Botanical Name: Curcuma petiolata

The Queen Lily Ginger boasts stunning pink and purple inflorescence, adding an exotic touch to gardens.

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5. Queen of the NightFlowers that Start with Q 5

Botanical Name: Epiphyllum oxypetalum

Next on the list of Flowers that Start with Q is this mysterious flower that blooms only at night, filling the air with a mesmerizing fragrance.

6. Queen of the Prairie

Botanical Name: Filipendula rubra

This flower graces the landscape with eye-catching pink flowers, attracting pollinators and making it a standout in any garden.

7. Queen Sirikit Orchid

Flowers that Start with Q 7

Botanical Name: Dendrobium ‘Queen Sirikit’

The elegant Queen Sirikit Orchid displays a regal beauty with its colorful and graceful blooms.

8. Queen Anne’s Lace

Botanical Name: Daucus carota

Delicate and lacy, Queen Anne’s Lace enchants with its white, intricately shaped flowers and is definitely one of the top choices among Flowers that Start with Q.

9. Quaker’s Bonnet

Flowers that Start with Q 9

Botanical Name: Primula vulgaris

With charming bonnet-shaped flowers, this plant brings a touch of sweetness and old-fashioned charm to gardens.

10. Quillaja

Botanical Name: Quillaja saponaria

Quillaja, also known as the soapbark tree, has a unique feature where its bark can be used to make natural soap.

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11. Quaking Grass

Flowers that Start with Q 11

Botanical Name: Briza media

As the wind blows, Quaking Grass sways and trembles, giving the appearance of a graceful dance.

12. Queen’s Wreath

Botanical Name: Antigonon leptopus

This plant displays clusters of delicate pink flowers, perfect for adorning fences and trellises like a beautiful floral wreath.

13. Queen’s Cup

Flowers that Start with Q 13

Botanical Name: Clintonia uniflora

Queen’s Cup showcases a cup-like blossom, adding a touch of elegance to woodland gardens.

14. Quisqualis

Botanical Name: Quisqualis indica

Quisqualis offers a delightful surprise, as its flowers change color as they age, creating a lovely gradient effect.

15. Queen Red Lime

Flowers that Start with Q 15

Botanical Name: Zinnia elegans

Queen Red Lime, also known as Zinnia elegans, dazzles with its unique lime-green and rosy-red petals, perfect among Flowers that Start with Q.

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16. Queen’s Tears

Botanical Name: Billbergia nutans

This plant has enchanting drooping flowers that resemble tears, adding a touch of grace to any indoor setting.

17. Queen’s Crown

Flowers that Start with Q 17

Botanical Name: Rhodiola rhodantha

Queen’s Crown displays exquisite pinkish flowers that look like a crown atop its succulent foliage.

18. Quaker Ladies

Botanical Name: Houstonia caerulea

Quaker Ladies are dainty wildflowers that blanket the ground with their small, sky-blue blooms.

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19. Quamash

Flowers that Start with Q 19

Botanical Name: Camassia quamash

Quamash showcases beautiful spikes of blue flowers, a favorite among native plant enthusiasts.

20. Quehla Chin Cactus


Botanical Name: Gymnocalycium quehlianum

This cute cactus has unique chin-like features that make it a delightful addition to any cactus collection.

Note: This one is not exactly a flower but a Cactus species. Despite being a cactus, the Quehla Chin Cactus surprises with beautiful and colorful flowers when it blooms.

21. Quaking Aspen

Flowers that Start with Q 21

Botanical Name: Populus tremuloides

Quaking Aspen gets its name from its leaves, which flutter and quake even with the slightest breeze.

22. Queen of the Andes

Botanical Name: Puya raimondii

This impressive plant stands tall among Flowers that Start with Q, earning its title as the Queen of the Andes due to its grandeur.

23. Queen’s Delight

Flowers that Start with Q 23

Botanical Name: Stillingia sylvatica

Queen’s Delight is a traditional herbal plant known for its medicinal uses and historical significance.

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