9 Amazing Plants You Can Grow in Car

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Have you ever thought of growing a garden in a 4-wheeler? Is that even possible? Yes, it is! Here are some Plants You Can Grow in Car!

Wondering if ‘cardening’ is possible? The answer is, yes, if you keep a few guidelines in mind! There are some Plants You Can Grow in Car to make for a mini green environment inside.

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Can Plants Survive in a Car?

Plants in a car can survive only if you are completely aware of some simple requirements. During summertime, your car could easily become too hot when parked or just sitting in the garage. Make sure that you are always parking the car in a shaded location and keeping the windows open for air circulation.

In a similar way, the car can also become too cold in winters and you might need to shift the plants indoors or pick ones that can survive the harsh climate.

Some Quick Tips for Plants You Can Grow in Car

  • Place a digital thermometer inside the car to keep an eye on the temperature.
  • You need to ensure that the plant is placed in a steady, secure position such as the dashboard or in a cupholder so that it does not move around while you are driving. This also makes sure that soil or water does not spill over your car.
  • You can also place a box in the car with a built-in space as a plant container.
  • Utilize the back seats of your car to place a container only if you do not use them much.

Plants You Can Grow in Car

1. Snake Plant

Plants You Can Grow in Car

Snake plants are considered to be tough and can survive with minimal care. Because they thrive well in a wide range of light and also do not mind a bit of neglect, you can easily grow them in your car!

2. Pothos


Pothos is another wonderful choice when it comes to selecting a plant for your vehicle. As you can also grow it in water, it makes for a wonderful choice for a ‘carden’ where it can easily be grown inside a slender vase. You can also hang it in a moss ball on a rearview mirror as shown in the picture.

3. Lucky Bamboo

Plants You Can Grow in Car 2

Grow Lucky Bamboo in water and keep it in a cup holder of your car. Just make sure that you are changing the water regularly to ensure the plant stays healthy and green.

4. Cacti and Succulents

Many succulents and cacti perform well in heat and drought conditions and these attributes make them one of the best choices to grow inside a car. Their small size will also allow you to keep them in small spaces like cup holders.

5. Bonsai Trees

Plants You Can Grow in Car 3

This is only possible if you do not use the rear seat much, as bonsais can get quite big for a car. Another place where you can keep the plant is the trunk, but you need a hatchback for it. With some care and techniques, they would look unique and amazing!

6. Mint

Mint stays compact and the best part of growing it inside a car is to have an instant freshener! All you have to do is to crush a few of its leaves and your car will have a fresh aroma! You can keep it in cup holders in small pots.

7. Spider Plant
Plants You Can Grow in Car 4

The biggest advantage of growing spider plants in a car is the fact that it can do well in water. So, all you need is a narrow glass jar or a vase and hang it near a vent on the dashboard for an amazing display!

8. Bromeliads

Plants You Can Grow in Car 5

The key to growing bromeliads in a car is to keep them trimmed, as they can get quite big over time. As long as the plant is small, you can keep it in a small pot between the front seats.

9. Nerve Plant

Plants You Can Grow in Car 9

Another good choice, the nerve plant is quite a handy one and you can grow it easily in a small pot. Just make sure that the plant is not exposed to extreme heat temperatures and avoid parking the car in direct sunlight for extended hours.

Why Grow Plants In Your Car?

Though it may sound a bit odd to grow plants in your vehicle, especially the one that you frequently drive. But, interestingly there are a few upsides to the same.

  • They make any space look pretty including the insides of your car.
  • The plants can make for an excellent alternate choice for air fresheners with their natural fragrance.
  • Plants and greenery are known to take off mental stress, anxiety, depression so it could be helpful to keep you calm during peak traffic cranky mood swings.

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