How to Get Big Leaves of Pothos Plant | 9 Tips to Get Giant Leaf Pothos

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Want to know about How to Get Big Leaves of Pothos Plant? Here are all the tips and tricks to ensure your plant has the biggest foliage!

Pothos can be a centerpiece of your home or garden with their enormous foliage. If you want to know about How to Get Big Leaves of the Pothos Plant, then we have all the information for you!

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How to Get Big Leaves of Pothos Plant

1. Choose the Correct Variety


If you want to include pothos with large leaves in your plant collection, then select varieties that naturally form giant leaves. The two best names are Hawaiian and Golden pothos— they both offer big green foliage with cream variegation and thick stems. These varieties prefer a couple of hours of direct sunlight and bright shade all day!

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2. The Secret Lies in Propagation

If you are going to take a cutting from variegated pothos and propagate it, then the resultant plant will carry the same colors on the leaves. Similarly, if will take the cutting from giant leaf pothos and grow it, then the new plant will have all the characteristics of the parent plant, which means huge leaves!

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3. Watering

The stunted growth of pothos is caused by underwatering. Too much dry soil can affect the foliage growth, and the entire plant’s health will be affected. However, you should water only when the topsoil feels a bit dry to the touch.

Also, excess watering can result in root rot and droopy foliage—it is necessary to water thoroughly and allow water to seep through drainage holes to avoid salt build-up in the pots.

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4. The Mystery Behind Climbing!

Do you know the mystery behind why pothos plants have large leaves when they are climbing? In their native habitat, pothos climb on trees, receive more indirect sunlight, and produce giant foliage by gaining more nutrients from the sun.

Buy a stake, pole, support, or trellis to promote climbing. Once the plant starts to overgrow the support, it will drop down, and the resulting leaves will not be as big as the ones growing on the support.

At this point, it will be wise to trim the drooping parts or extend the support to ensure the plant continues to grow giant leaves.

You can also train the plant to climb on a nearby tree, rope, big moss stick, or pole, and it will surprise you with huge leaves! The climbing pothos plant is one of the biggest secrets of getting giant pothos leaves.

Tip: In the right amount of indirect light, pothos may develop Monstera-like lobes with maturity.

5. Feeding Pothos

Feed pothos with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer once every 4-8 weeks in 1/2 or 1/4 strength. You can also dilute a few drops of rooting hormone in the water and spray it on the stems to encourage the growth of aerial roots that cling to the surrounding wall or pole and help produce bigger leaves.

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6. Go for Mature Pothos

If you want bigger leaves, then go for at least two years or older plants as they have comparatively larger foliage than younger ones. While visiting a garden center, ask for mature pothos with heart-shaped leaves as big as your hands.

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7. Light: Last But Not the Least!

For big leaves, choose a bright spot with indirect light. An east-facing window or an outdoor area with indirect light and warm shade is ideal for promoting huge leaf production.

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8. Create a Tropical Setting

Being a tropical plant, pothos love humidity and grow in indirect or dappled sunlight in the wild. Creating the same setting in the garden or indoors by grouping a few plants together and exposing them to the indirect sun will mimic the atmosphere the plant gets natively, which will help it to grow giant leaves!

9. Re-potting

Often, plants at the garden center are confined to smaller pots, which prevents them from growing to their full potential. It will be a good idea to transplant the plant in 1 or 2 sizes bigger pot using a blend of 30 percent typical garden soil, 25 percent vermicompost or aged manure, 25 percent peat moss or cocopeat, and 20 percent perlite.

Water thoroughly after repotting, and give the plant gentle sunlight in the morning or evening on a daily basis. With proper care and growing conditions, your pothos will have bigger foliage than ever before, for sure.

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