13 Best Gardening Tools for Seniors if You Are a 60+ Gardener

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Here’s the list of the must-have Gardening Tools for Seniors to make planting experience relaxing and easy!

Gardeners over 60, take note: using these right tools and items can transform your gardening experience, making it more enjoyable and less strenuous.

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Things To Own After 60 If You’re a Gardener

1. Comfortable Garden Kneeler and Seat

Gardening Tools for Seniors

Once you reach a certain age, your joints won’t be as spry as they once used to be. One of the best gardening tools for seniors is a kneeler that can transform into a seat when you want.

With a kneeler, you can easily tend to your plants that are lower in height, and there won’t be any strain on your knees or back.

2. Easy-to-use Hose with Adjustable Nozzle

Things To Own After 60 If You’re a Gardener 3

Watering gives you time to cherish your plants and care for them. But once you reach 60, your strength diminishes so you may have problems handling heavy hoses with a lot of pressure.

It’s better to pick a light hose that has an adjustable nozzle so you can water your plants properly.

3. Raised Garden Bed

Gardening Tools for Seniors 2

Garden kneelers take away most of the discomfort. But why put yourself in that position when you can avoid it entirely using raised beds? They’re a smart move, so you don’t have to bend unnecessarily.

These beds offer better drainage for your plants as well.

4. Rolling Garden Cart

Gardening Tools for Seniors

Next among the Things To Own After 60 If You’re a Gardener is a rolling cart. This gardening tool for seniors make moving things around pretty easy, so you don’t have to lift heavy stuff.

5. Long-handled Trowel and Fork

Gardening Tools for Seniors 8

Why long-handled tools? The long handles easily reach the ground to dig holes or get rid of weeds. If you have short tools, you’ll have to bend, which will stress your knees, ankles, and back.

6. Easy-to-Read Garden Planner

Gardening Tools for Seniors 2

You won’t remember things as great as you used to, so it’s best to keep an easy garden planner around, you know, to track tasks and keep the plant’s life cycle in check.

It’s a great idea to hang one on the refrigerator. If not, you can always go for a garden planner application on your phone. Check out these ones; they’ll help in identification as well.

7. Tool-Free Garden Kit Bed

Gardening Tools for Seniors 11

What’s a tool-free garden kit? It’s a raised garden bed with everything you need to grow plants. And, of course, you won’t need any tools to set it up.

It eliminates the hassle of preparing a new garden bed or shifting one when you need to. Trust us—it will save you a lot of time and effort.

8. Automatic Plant Watering Spikes or a Garden Drip System

Gardening Tools for Seniors in home

Everyone loves watering and caring for their plants as it’s a lovely experience and can also be therapeutic. Unfortunately, you’ll start feeling tired once you turn 60 and won’t be able to do it every day. That’s why you should get watering spikes.

They release the water slowly, and you only need to set them up once. You can also go with drip watering systems; we have a great article on them here.

9. Fence-Mounted Planter Boxes

15 Things To Own After 60 If You’re a Gardener 13

As we mentioned earlier, you need to put as little stress on your joints as possible, but raised beds aren’t the only option you can choose.

These fence-mounted planter boxes will be even better because you can tend to your plants while standing. Why not go for hanging planters as well?

10. No-Bend Weed Remover

Gardening Tools for Seniors 22

This weed remover is a blessing for older people who live in areas more prone to weeds. You can’t pull the weed with your hands and risk back pain, so this tool can help you pull these out from a standing position.

You can find these at Home Depot or order them online.

11. Seated Lawn Mower

15 Things To Own After 60 If You’re a Gardener 15

A big lawn or backyard requires more work, especially when mowing the overgrown grass. Doing so with a standing one can put a strain on your knees and back. A seated lawn mower is necessary so you can do it comfortably.

12. Movable Cart Garden

Gardening Tools for Seniors 32

Many movable cart gardens come with adjustable height features, which are crucial for older people who have difficulty bending or reaching down to ground-level ones.

The wheels on these carts allow for easy movement. Aged people can move the “mini garden” to different places for proper sunlight or convenience.

13. Castor Wheel Trays

Things To Own After 60 If You’re a Gardener 17

Castor wheel trays are convenient for aged people who need to move heavy containers easily, such as plant pots or storage boxes. These adaptive gardening tools reduce physical strain and also prevent scratches and damage to floors when moving heavy containers.

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