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19 Best Plant Identification Apps for 2021

Want to identify plants and trees quickly? Take the help of your smartphone and download these Best Plant Identification Apps!

How often do you see a plant you don’t know about? Then you search for it for hours, ask questions to other gardeners, post a topic on forums, and do research on it? Why waste your time on all this?

Want to know a quick way to find the name of an unknown plant quickly? Just download one of these Best Plant Identification Apps on your mobile and identify plants with just a click of a smartphone.

Here’s how you can identify poisonous plants in your garden


Best Plant Identification Apps

1. Plantifier

Mobile OS: iOS, Andriod

Plantifier is a popular plant recognition tool backed by mygarden.org, a wide community of garden and plant enthusiasts. It allows you to upload a photo of an unknown plant, and the community will help you identify the plant.

You can also try their web-based version on plantifier.com

2. LeafSnap

Mobile OS: iOS, Android

This free mobile app uses visual recognition software to help identify tree species from photographs of their leaves. Leafsnap contains beautiful high-resolution images of leaves, flowers, fruit, petiole, seeds, and bark.

Leafsnap currently includes the Northeastern United States and Canadian trees and will soon grow to include the trees of the entire continental United States.

3. FlowerChecker

Mobile OS: iOS, Android

This app provides a paid plant identification service. You have to take a picture of an unknown plant (or moss, lichen, and even fungi) and get it identified by the international team of experts.

Their team will respond as soon as possible, but the identification usually takes several minutes or hours. The developers claim they can identify more than 90% of plants. The app is ad-free and available on both Android and iOS platforms.

4. Garden Answers Plant Identification

Mobile OS: iOS, Android

Garden Answers is a revolutionary plant identification app that instantly identifies over 20,000 plants and gives you accurate and detailed information about them.

It also identifies pests and diseases and provides expert advice for questions you ask about plants.

5. Smart Plant Home

Mobile OS: iOS, Android

If you have a plant, pest, or disease to identify, the Smart Plant Home app is here for you. It allows you to take a photo and submit it to their expert team, who will not only identify what the plant is; they can also tell you how to grow and care for it.

Take a photo of pests and diseases, and their 24/7 available experts will tell you what type of pest or disease is affecting the health of your plants. They will also give you great information on how to eliminate the problem and prevent it from recurring.

6. PlantNet Plant Identification

Mobile OS: iOS, Android

PlantNet is an image sharing and retrieval application for the identification of plants. Among other features, this free app helps in identifying plant species from photographs.

Plant species that are well enough illustrated in the botanical reference database can be easily recognized. This app works on more than 4100 species; the species list is available through the application. 

7. PictureThis

Mobile OS: iOS, Android

Artificial intelligence or AI has been a topic of controversy in recent years because of the threat it could pose in the future.

Take a snap or upload any pre-downloaded pic to get all the information about that plant or flower. This app identifies the plants very quickly and accurately.

8. PlantSnap

Mobile OS: iOS, Android

Not only plants but flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms can also be recognized within seconds by this app. This revolutionary plant identification app is built by Earth.com.

One great thing about this app is that its content is translated into 30 different languages. With a database of more than 500,000 species, this app is a very vast source of information.

9. Plantix

Mobile OS: Android

With this, not only you’ll get to know about the plant, but you’ll also be able to identify the disease with which the plant is affected. It identifies the diseases by the pattern that specific disease leaves behind.

The app recognizes this pattern and gives the solution accordingly. The community of like-minded users and international experts share their knowledge and remedies on this app.

10. SmartPlant: Identify & Care

Mobile OS: Android

Identify the plant and get some amazing tips on this app. Although this app is free to download, you’ll need to buy a premium membership to unlock all its features. First, you need to upload an image from the gallery or take a live picture of the plant. This image is sent to a team of expert horticulturalists which will get back to you with an accurate answer within some time.

As experts give the information, wrong information is much less compared to other community-based apps.

11. Seek


Mobile OS: iOS, Android

Explore different types of plants with the help of Seek, an image recognization technology-based app available on iOS and Android. You’ll also earn badges while discovering plants with the help of Seek.

Along with plants, you can also identify birds, insects, fungi, and animals with the seek.

12. Agrobase

Mobile OS: iOS, Android

Agrobase is a popular app among farmers and agriculture enthusiasts with free availability on iOS and Android. It helps in identifying crops, plants, leaves, weeds as well as pests and plant diseases. In addition, it’s extensively informative with rich content and a vast database.

13. Google Lens

Mobile OS: Android

Though an indirect app, Google Lens is probably the most interesting app. With its help, you can identify plants and flowers or anything. Take a picture, and search it in google lens. It will pull up and display all the information related to the identified plant.

14. Garden Tags

Mobile OS: iOS, Android

Available on both android and iOS, GardenTags is more than a plant identification app. It is a large community of passionate gardeners and nature experts that help users identify plants, share care tips, and inspire them with their plant collection.

15. iNaturalist

Mobile OS: iOS, Android

With a community of more than 400,000 renowned scientists and enthusiastic nature experts, iNaturalist is a popular plant identification app available for both android and iOS devices. It’s a great app for gardeners who love to discover new plants and grow them.

16. Plant Lens

Mobile OS: iOS, Android

Easily available on iOS and Android devices, Plant Lens is a wonderful app that helps in identifying plants and flowers with its image recognition technology. In addition, it enhances its accuracy by machine learning algorithms and helps you explore the beautiful plant world.

17. Gardenize

Mobile OS: Android, iOS

Gardenize helps you identify every single plant’s name and its growth habits. You can document all your plants into a database that allows you to journal everything from fertilization routines to watering schedules.

This app is also available as a web app that requires no download.

18. Garden Compass

Mobile OS: iOS

This app is an apt way to get connected to highly-regarded gardening experts all around the world. The experts of Garden Compass are very efficient and will help you identify the plant and suggest how and where to grow it.

Even if you see a bug, take a picture and upload it to get all your queries answered.

19. Flora Incognita

Mobile OS: iOS, Android

With this one, all you need to do is take a picture of the leaf or flower and upload it. Then, once Flora Incognita starts to work– its magic, the plant is identified within seconds.

Along with the basic genus information, the app also gives you the characteristics, protection status, and more.

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  1. I am looking for something that I can use while out in the back country, to identify plants, and edible or poisonous plants. What would you recommend? I am in Montana were I would use this app.

    • Very good recognition rate with the flora of Austria, Swizerland, Germany, Denmark and GB. The app is more focused on Germany. I hope you will extend it to other countries. Have you tried it?

  2. Check out our plant identifiers reviews and guide and select the ones that you consider to work best for your needs. Most plant identifiers, like PlantSnap, iNaturalist, [email protected], or Agrobase are quite reliable and received praise from their users. It all depends on what you want from your plant identification app. Do you want to distinguish between different t 40 ypes of Echeveria plants or do you want to recognize a flower or plant you have never seen before in your life?

  3. Final thoughts : If you’re looking for free apps to identify plants, trees, weeds, and flowers, use one of the applications I’ve shared above.


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